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As the only essay type that makes it possible to go beyond one’s grading rubric, creative writing asks for a great narration or anything that you may present as something creative. Since it is not that easy for most students, we recommend checking our essay examples that will boost your brain and inspire you to start. As always, good ideas for such essays may include telling about something imaginary or thinking about the future. Some paper samples even talk about being a president for a day or discuss the outer space aliens’ visit. The possibilities are truly endless, so do not limit yourself and remember that you should still follow a clear plot that has an introduction, a strong idea, and a conclusion with a lesson!

society and business reflective journal

The first thought-provoking entry asks you to ponder on, If we were to experience work as genuinely significant, there would be value to be found in the work itself, some inner sense, not only paying for it (Svendsen, 2016, p.10). Jobs can be viewed as having a difference because one needs...

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For the last month, my aim is to deal with problems adequately and gain experience in service recovery in order to improve the degree of duty. During the last month of my internship, I was able to obtain experience in running a delayed operation. As IHG employees, we were...

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Self-destruction and destruction

Ambition is a person's desire to achieve a certain goal. An optimistic individual is motivated by self-motivation, internal desire, and an emphasis on a particular goal. Being positive describes a person's ability to obtain what they want based on their self-interests and the expectation that they can attain their goal....

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Coach Inc. is a fashion luxury company

Coach Inc. Coach Inc. is a luxury trendsystem company with a strong presence in handbags and accessories, working in the fashion industry. The business has experienced a phenomenal growth that has brought a massive market success. It reported higher sales rates, resulting in higher profitability. In the business field, Coach Inc....

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Family and Loved Ones affected by deployment

As Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom came to an end in 2008, more than 1.7 million armed men and women had participated in different campaigns. However, their return home was not unheard of since a large number of the families had. Various military and civilian records agree that...

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Responsibility and Freedom

A lot of thinkers have sought to understand how independence derives from obligation and whether we, as human beings, can truly be free agents by attempting to look at the forces that connect individuals to free will. This paper would also look at the theories of Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus and...

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Health Services and Community

Volunteering and its Benefits Volunteering is an activity of non-profit, voluntary and mission groups or the community (Centre For Volunteering, n.d). Volunteers support a safe and dynamic group. They work together. The group as well as the individual benefit from volunteering. Increased relations between people build a sense of social engagement...

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My passion for complexities

My love for complexity My love for complexity started at the tender age of four when I used to play chess in grade school. I was also a member of the robotics club and the math club. It broadened my reasoning skills in the management of challenging assignments. What makes me...

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Courage is willingness or a choice to confront agony

Courage in Literature Courage is the desire or option to face agony, intimidation, discomfort, the threat of confusion. Its synonyms are courage and bravery. It may be either actual or spiritual. Physical courage is defined as bravery in the face of suffering, death, or adversity. On the other hand, moral bravery...

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Army Fashion: Annotated Bibliography

Archives, N. S. U. Alvin Sherman: An American Pilot in WWII Military Service and Career. The supply discusses the military pilots during the World War II in principle service to defend their nation. Through discussing the pilot named, Alvin Sherman, the supply highlights the importance of the military jacket for...

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Knowledge brought to me by Helping the Community Through Church

Developing a Positive Self-Esteem One of the lessons I learned after completing a 50-hour community service organized by the church was that it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a community service and it helped me to develop a positive self-esteem. I could see and measure the difference that we...

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BOOK REPORT: Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay.

The Novel and Its Themes The novel is mostly based on the real-life work of one Mr. Gay. He has a selection of their incredible poetry that he uses to illustrate the circle and cycle of life. The Core Poems Burial, Wiping, and Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude are the three core poems. The...

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