BOOK REPORT: Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay.

The Novel and Its Themes

The novel is mostly based on the real-life work of one Mr. Gay. He has a selection of their incredible poetry that he uses to illustrate the circle and cycle of life.

The Core Poems

Burial, Wiping, and Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude are the three core poems. The three poems are organized in such a way that they illustrate how the life cycle often ends in death. They also emphasize certain important points, such as not focusing on the bad sides of death and how one can appreciate the life that one has.

The Poem "Burial"

The poem "Burial" primarily addresses the absence of a father figure.

The Poem "Weeping"

The second poem, "Weeping," then goes on to cover a love story of two individuals, Emma and Mikayla. The showing of the two poems includes the various losses people experience in their lives.

The Organization of the Book

The organization of the book shows a cycle of life that is doomed to climax at the end of loss through death. The flow of the poems is very vivid and realistic. On reading the lyrics, one could say that you get a feel of what transpired in the 'scenario feeling' being experienced. The poems act as a leeway into the mind of the writer. They try to explain the feeling of the writer at the time of the occurrence of the various events. The poems offer a mirror explanation of the life of Mr. Gay and all that he was feeling and undergoing. The arrangement of the poems works in a manner of cyclic flow, explaining how it all goes down and how we should all be grateful for all the moments we have. They also show a close reference to nature.


Gay, Ross. Catalog Of Unabashed Gratitude (Pitt Poetry Series). University Of Pittsburgh Press.

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