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In most cases, you will have to take an already existing text and write down your thoughts and analysis after the careful study of the original. For example, an average nursing student may receive the work of a famous theorist or a law student may have a court study document to explore. See our free response paper samples to see how it must be structured and what to include in your introduction. Make sure to include basic information about the author and the text that you respond to. If you are unsure about your thesis, check at least one paper sample and see how the main argument represents a summary of all the critical points that the original publication has. Use references and suitable quotes to back up your argumentation.

Discrimination in Reverse

Reverse Discrimination and its Impact Reverse discrimination entails the unequal treatment and bias of members of the dominant or advantaged party. Discrimination against majority groups is mostly the product of preferential measures introduced by the legislator to discourage discrimination against minority groups. Discrimination refers to a person's biased attitude toward disability,...

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Fake News

Introduction On October 3, 2016, an article written in the Los Angeles Times reported that Pope Francis was not going to support Donald Trump for the presidential election. Instead, Pope Francis opted to urge the American faithful to "pray, study the two proposals well and choose with a conscience." A blog...

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assignment on health

If I were Doctor M Before I arrived at the final decision, I would take a little time to think more in depth. I will try to compromise between making a decision that will impact the family of my friend and the conclusion that could make the insurance company lose faith...

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Response and Reaction

Several individuals expect that great communicators have an innate capacity for talking and tuning into others, a blessing that can't be realized or made strides. “ Relational abilities are produced with ponder exertion and practice, and figuring out how to be aware of others and impart your thoughts all the...

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Business Ethics in the Contemporary World

Nowadays, a large number of moral dilemmas that are related to business and the environment are being discussed. In some instances, society is split among two choices. Even though a code of ethics dictates the corporate world, some factors do not have concrete answers, and organizations face challenges in making...

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To what degree are modern technical adaptations increasingly effective or weaker movements? Movement have been a core part of culture since time immemorial. They promoted social aspects like jobs, housing and government action. But in the 21st century, social and technical dimensions have been massively expanding and advancing (VOA news, you tube)....

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About Cultures

The Ideals and Values of a Society The ideals by which a society abides are decided by a culture. Such ideals are recognized by society as defining features of an individual part of it, are maintained and valued by all. Over time, these ideals and features are generated and passed on...

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Business Ethics: From the 21st Century Perspective

Business Ethics: A 21st Century Perspective In the movie of ‘Business problems/ethics’, it is uncovered that globalization has led into a controversy between ethics and business choice. In most cases, the final choices that businesses make do not look into codes of conduct. An instance stipulated is the entertainment industries who...

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Tacoma Art Museum

Tacoma Art Museum Tacoma Art Museum, usually abbreviated (TAM) is a museum located in Washington, and it emphasizes more on artwork from western and north-western parts of America. The museum is opened from Tuesday up to Sunday and opening hours are 10am to 5pm. Its admission fee is as follows; $15...

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Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising Americans

McClintock’s blog post “Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising Americans” focuses on propaganda advertisements and how they influence Americans when it comes to making choices. Overall, the article capacity that although some ads might be informative, most of them, in particular political ones are propagandas are intended to seduce, mislead, and...

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The History of Politics in America

The history of American politics dates back to the 17th century Jamestown era, which saw the first foundation in America of the English Settlements. The political alliances that followed saw the formed House of Burgesses became the first American representative assembly to make trading decisions for Virginia's new settlers. The...

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Social Movements

Social movements were powerful factors for social reform in the United States. At the same time, the government and other critics stopped these movements, but it did not produce any results. A social movement is a combined effort by many to promote or hinder social, cultural, political or economic improvements...

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