Business Ethics: From the 21st Century Perspective

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Business Ethics: A 21st Century Perspective
In the movie of ‘Business problems/ethics’, it is uncovered that globalization has led into a controversy between ethics and business choice. In most cases, the final choices that businesses make do not look into codes of conduct. An instance stipulated is the entertainment industries who incessantly provide violent video games for youngsters in the middle of the likely consequential malignant exhibitions. Such choices, as expressed in the movie has prevented sustainable development, but instead create a handful of ethical hazards including retardation of biodiversity and worker exploitation. With respect to this, the child labor is more and more becoming a usual idea where establishments and the government make laws and regulations that will enhance child exploitation. This is influenced by the idea of materialism in which production is maximized at te expense of the wellbeing of children and other workers.

“Temptation vs. Ethical Dilemmas” film addresses the difference between temptation and ethical dilemma. The former contrast right from wrong, which the film describes as “right vs. wrong” while the latter address right versus right. In the case of temptation, one is able to determine whether to make the right choice or the bad one, while in an ethical dilemma, all choices seem to be right, but one is faced with the challenge of deciding on which option is the most suitable for a situation. In the “Resolving Principle” film, it is shown that there are either end-based or rules-based principles of resolving conflicts. End-based consider cost benefit analysis, the greatest good for the greatest number, and result oriented i.e. the end justifies the means. Rules-based principles, on the other hand, focuses on the need to adhere to standards. It is value oriented and considers the process rather than the end.

At one point in high school, I had remained behind in the field after games and picked up a skater at the school compound. At the moment, I had not purchased my own, and always needed one to use. When I saw the skater, I was in a dilemma whether to take it to the games master so that it would reach the owner, or just keep it for my own use. I decided to consider the rule-based principle or resolving conflicts. Instead of taking the skater for myself, I felt the right thing to do was to return them. The following morning I took them to the games department.

In “Future Business Dilemmas” part, the film addresses the possible ethical dilemmas that will be experienced in future including explosion of internet versus privacy, gathering and selling of business information, biotechnology such as cloning and genetic engineering versus food production, and decisions involving humans versus non-humans. When addressing business issues, the key questions that companies should consider include: Are the alternatives considered meant for the common good? What are the social, economic, political, and environmental impacts of the decisions? Having developed empathy, would we like such decisions if we were the employees or other stakeholders? Such questions are able to help managers and businesses to make choices that are favorable both to the society and the environment. As noted, the future dilemma may involve endangering lives of different species; decisions made should ensure that there is no resulting pollution or effects that would affect the physical environment.

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