Relationship between motivation, emotion, and stress

The link between inspiration, emotion, and stress

The persistence, direction, and stimulation of a person's actions is motivation. That is what motivates us to do stuff. The motive of a person cannot be the same as that of another person. Only once it is energized will every acquired action be implemented well. Many psychologists think it is crucial that motivation is an integral element when doing some actions. Emotion is the perception of subjectivity or consciousness that can be demonstrated by psychological gestures, mental states, and body reactions. Emotions may be simple or complicated. Stress can be defined as a negative state of emotion due to a response to a particular circumstance that one can fail to control. Conditions that lead to stress vary from individual to individual and how people respond to stress change since some people are easygoing and cope well with stress while others are hostile and angry when stressed. This physical and psychological response to change is what is just referred to as stress.

Emotions and their relation to stress

Emotions are related to stress in the sense that individuals are motivated to indulge in activities that result in positive emotions such as being happy. Additionally, individuals are less motivated to indulge themselves in activities that lead to negative emotions such as fear and anger. It is the belief of many psychologists that both emotion and motivation are linked to intensity and energy. It is also evident that both motivation and emotion depend on one's environment, and different emotions can lead to different motivation. From the definition of stress, it is clear that it is a form of negative emotion. Therefore, the relationship between stress and emotion is that stress is a type of emotion. Motivation and stress are also related, but through emotion, in that individuals are motivated to execute situations that lead them out of stress and into satisfaction and happiness. Situations and activities that lead to stress are demotivating to people. Positive situations can also result in stress, for example weddings coming up as opposed to negative situations such as losing a job. Psychologically, stress, motivation, and emotion all constitute the three universal human behaviors that usually occur due to the other.

The biological, cognitive, and social origins of motivation, stress, and emotion

Motivation, stress, and emotion have their biological, cognitive, and social origins. The biological reasons for motivation, stress, and emotion include physiological drives, for example, having good food and good sex. Another original drive is homeostasis, which in simple terms is having internal equilibrium in a stable state. The body state is important in guiding motivation, stress, and emotion. For example, when one is ill, there is a high chance that he or she would be demotivated, unhappy, and stressed at the same time. Therefore, the body condition of an individual is an important aspect in determining one's emotion, motivation, and stress. Social reasons for motivation, emotion, and stress include intrinsic and extrinsic acts. Intrinsic involve an individual performing a particular task because it is rewarding while extrinsic includes individuals performing the tasks because external factors relation to the action is rewarding. In other terms, achievement is an important social root of motivation, emotion, and stress. Individuals that have the desire for success are directed by motivation, but in case they fail, they will be stressed which is a negative type of emotion. Cognitive aspects that lead to motivation, emotion, and stress include having an insight into something and understanding it through one's experience. In summary, these three human behaviors do not just arise but originate from different circumstances depending on an individual and the environment.

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