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Tacoma Art Museum, usually abbreviated (TAM) is a museum located in Washington, and it emphasizes more on artwork from western and north-western parts of America. The museum is opened from Tuesday up to Sunday and opening hours are 10am to 5pm. Its admission fee is as follows; $15 for adults, $13 for students, seniors above sixty five years and military, $40 for family and free for children beneath age of five. TAM has ample and flexible house that allows one to customize the facility to suit his or her needs be it a wedding ceremony, formal conferences or other gatherings. Photography in the museum is allowed so long as you do not use a flash.

The museums incorporate the arrangement of flowers in its art work through an exhibition known as “Flora and fine art.” Lighting is known to be detrimental to art work, and thus TAM has different lighting requirements depending on the medium used on art work as well as the age of the art work. TAM has a well-experienced team of curators and other staffs that are always ready to welcome and serve their visitors. The museum has judges from Tacoma art community who select art work based on several criteria. TAM has several arranged events like free third Thursdays on August 17th and Riding the Rails on October 1st.


Image 1.

The image above (image 1) is an art work by Jeremy Mangan. It is titled Pacific Northwest Desert Island and was painted in the year 2016. The media used are pencils, paper, and ink. The colors used matches what is there in reality. The patterns used, for example, the ocean waves and clouds describes the exact appearance of nature, they are designed in a clear symmetrical way as they appear in a real situation. The art shows the beauty of nature unpolluted and having less human interference. The image provokes people to admire the nature and thus conserve it.

Image 2

The image above (image 2) is an art work by Huab Nieto painted in 1996. The painting is named Buffalo at sunset. The material used are plaster board, paint, and brushes. The buffalo is representing the calmness after a busy day of foraging as well as the alley of colors illuminated by the setting sun. The color design is asymmetrical. The color use is so decorative; it fails to represent the true appearance of nature. Never the less, the idea of calmness and beautiful colors is portrayed.

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