Essays on Hospitality

Technology Adoption in the Hospitality Industry

The research examined impacts of technology in the restaurant industry. In order to formulate appropriate answers for the study, quantitative approach was used because of its capability to gather enough data for the findings. Besides, 100 individuals participated in the research where they provided different views regarding how the adoption...

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Hotels Obligations to Customer's Health and Wellbeing

Hotels and Health Services Hotels are accountable for the health and the wellbeing of their customers. The society perspective's on health is shifting, as more environmental and health-conscious is witnessed. Therefore, when booking hotels, most people expect to be offered extra services apart from essential amenities. These additional services are mostly...

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The Importance of Hospitality in Home and Commerical Hospitality

A Home and Its Significance A home is where people resort to whenever they need to be comfortable. For this reason, a home is a place where an individual chooses as his or her ideal location for living. It is important to note that homes are made of memories that reflect...

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Embarking on a Remarkable Catering Experience

Experience on a Saturday Dinner Shift Today, I had a new experience since it was my first time to work on a Saturday's dinner shift. What was more exciting was the fact that there were about 52 customers, which is about twice the number of people who are booked in on...

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My Experience as a Food Runner at William Blue Hotel

Experience as a Food Runner at William Blue Hotel My experience as a food runner at William Blue Hotel is enjoyable. I am grateful to have gotten a chance to work in one of the most prominent hotels in Sydney. I usually work on Thursday lunch shifts, but today there was...

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Working As A Sommelier At William Blue Dining

Working as a Sommelier at William Blue Dining Working as a Sommelier has a lot of challenges and one has to be acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of being a wine waitress in any restaurant. Working as at William Blue Dining, Sydney has greatly improved my knowledge of the work....

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The Impact of Wine Knowledge on Waiters' Performance

Serving at William Blue Dining William Blue Dining is quite a busy restaurant and today, the restaurant hosted an event, and I was assigned to a table that I was supposed to serve. During the table serving process, we had set menus and additionally, we had a little wine tasting to...

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Hospitality and Contemporary Accommodation

A home is where people resort to whenever they need to feel comfortable. For this reason, an individual chooses as his or her ideal location for living. It is important to note that a home keeps memories that reflect what a person has undergone throughout their stay there. In particular,...

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Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry

The line separating natural foods from organic foods has frequently been hazy. This is a result of the common belief that the two are identical. Contrary to organic foods, the majority of foods with the "natural" designation are not governed by laws other than the general health regulations that apply...

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Land owners in Samoa

Samoan landowners Samoan landowners have thwarted attempts to build sizable hotels and resorts, particularly in the coastal regions. The popularity of backpacker tourism has increased as a result, despite some unfavorable government views. This type of tourism has grown in popularity in recent years due to the fact that the majority...

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Over time, there has been an increase in the number of graduates entering the employment market in the hospitality sector. The opening of numerous sectors and multinational corporations due to globalization is one factor. People can travel easily abroad unlike in the past, which has helped the tourism and hospitality...

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The hospitality industry

One of the biggest global industries and the hub of globalization in international trade is the hospitality sector. With a wide range of services and employment opportunities across numerous industries, it is currently the largest employer in the world. The industry's most important segment is the food and beverage selection,...

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