Overlooking Social Issues

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Government corruption, gender/domestic abuse, healthcare, educational equality, among others, are some examples of social problems. A portion of these social issues are still being neglected today. For starters, the biggest social issue that affects everybody is government corruption in the nation and around the world. In most governments, there have been no directional attempts to eradicate corruption, a strong sign that we are overlooking the problem. Countries like Haiti, Venezuela, and Iraq are common examples of nations that, because they are the most corrupt countries in the world, neglect this social problem.Overlooking By the Media
The role of the media on social problems is to keep people abreast of what is going on as far as such issues are concerned. However, the media in the current world has just focused on specific social issues, overlooking others. It is evident from the fact that we are in the new age of terrorism when there no medium for information transmission concerning the issue. The transmission could be there, but the speed of transmission is still a factor to debate. A typical example is the abduction of 250 schoolgirls in Nigeria. The system than media use these days are more person-intensive than the archaic system. Therefore, people can easily get information from the horse mouth and pass it to the next person. However, the social media mostly focus on the issues based on opinions of individuals rather than the actual information, hence overlooking other information.

Cultural, Religious, and Political Influence

Religion, to most people, is a source of social values where social justice is the most important solution to social problems. Social issues from a religious perspective would, therefore, be addressed based on the religious virtues. Culture, on the other hand, affect the definition of social problems in various societies from the fact that some cultural beliefs might take certain social issues as normal. For instance, according to some cultures, women are inferior to men in the society. Politics majorly constitute the fight for power, and the political individuals would most likely have the solutions to their social problems and ignore those of their subjects.

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