the cost of equity and the weighted cost of capital (WACC)

While evaluating the investment's attractiveness, it is critical to include the after-tax cost of the long-term loan that Alamo Gold intends to employ as leverage against the new acquisition. With the present decrease in gold prices, the cost of equity and the weighted cost of capital (WACC) should also be...

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Thomas Friedman “The World Is Flat.”

For the youth growing up today, Friedman, in my opinion, sees a global economy that is competitive. Friedman contends that as the world becomes more equilateral, experts from China, India, and Europe will be able to more easily enter the global labor market. Less trade barriers and limitations are to...

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The Benefits of Investing in Gold

Gold is a precious metal that has been around for thousands of years and still has a significant place in our culture. It's a favorite material for jewelry and coins, but it also plays an important role in the financial industry as well as the medical, dental and electronics industries. Gold...

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