Essays on Indian Economy

Primary Mechanisms of Corporate Governance in India

The Companies Act and SEBI Act The Companies Act and the SEBI Act are the fundamental tools of corporate governance in India. The Companies Act of 2013, which superseded the Companies Act of 1956, and the regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India play an important role in...

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About India’s Foreign Trade Relations

India's financial sector has seen an unprecedented transformation during the past few years. It has changed significantly from years of introspective economic principles and is now a significant pressure on the global political and financial system. In the context of the greater shift of Asia's financial and security infrastructure since...

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Deciding India’s Lingua Franca

India's ability to have an impact on business and culture around the world is demonstrated by the fact that it has one of the greatest economies in the world. India's political and economic reforms over the years are to thank for its alluring economic and cultural identity. According to statistics,...

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The economy of India

India is rapidly developing due to its high rates of urbanization and favorable business environment. Due to the emergence of an affluent middle class with significant purchasing power in urban areas, it is becoming a popular business destination. India's business environment is favorable due to its high customer population, thriving...

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