Women Rights in Iranian and Saudi Arabian

Iranian and Saudi Arabian women both experience social, political, and economic discrimination. In Iraq, women have had the right to vote since 1963, while in Saudi Arabia, women have been able to vote in municipal elections since 2015. (Powell 21). No matter their age, women in both nations need the…

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The changing environment brought on by local, regional, and national dynamics is reflected in Iran’s foreign and security policies. The foundation of its foreign policy was formed on ideological viewpoints. For instance, the notion that the country generally held that it bore the burden of world Islam and that victory…

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The Transformation of Gender in Iran

Gender notions of Iranian modernity have undergone a significant transition since the first ten years of the twentieth century. These developments were characterized by women’s desire to assert their position in their society, which sparked the participation of women in matters of nationalism, which were mostly presided over by males…

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Immigration story: moving to america

Immigration story and resulting identity Mustafa’s father was born and bred in Iran, and after about 30 years of his birth, himself and the rest of his family relocated to the United States basically evading systematic injustices. As he moved to the USA, he had a great deal of hope…

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Pakistan is one of the countries that had faced relative peace from terrorist attacks at the commencing of the new millennium, especially when compared to its neighbors like Iran and Afghanistan. However, the usa is still harboring some terrorist groups due to the fact of the country’s neutrality on the…

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the rice in iran

Rice is the staple food in Iran because the consistency of cooked rice outweighs all other factors for consumers. Furthermore, rice is grown in 15 provinces, with over 600,000 ha under cultivation (Mojtahedi, 2014). Nonetheless, more than 80% of the paddy land is shared between the two northern provinces of…

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Admission Essay to a College

When I saw the pupils, girls wearing uniforms with cloaks that match loosely with black head covers and boys wearing colorful jeans and shirts, then it all began. It was also the first time I felt like I was considered to be a second-class citizen in my country. Women are…

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A College Application

Where does one begin to clarify the deplorable state of my country’s education? Still, conjure up the picture of a girl living in the country in a dingy and overpopulated setting. Such an individual becomes a victim of both her social environment and the inefficient system of education. Given the…

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