The Relationship Between North Korea and Iran

The relationship between North Korea and Iran was warm as from the early 2000s. During this period, the relation of each of this two nations started to improve with the United States. However, the speech by Bush in January 2002 that referred the countries as the “axis of evil” only...

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An Overview of Iran's Economy

International trade has positively impacted the economic growth of Iran over the last two decades. The primary source of foreign exchange revenue in Iran is the export of oil and gas. The other export commodities in Iran are petrochemicals, carpets, textiles and edible goods such as fresh and dried fruits....

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Tabiat Bridge architectural work

The Tabiat Bridge, one of the most costly bridges in the world, is the biggest and most magnificent architectural creation in Iran. Although it is near a metropolis and some natural features, it is constructed over an open runway. It links two lovely parks, measuring 270 meters in length. Due...

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Review of "Revolutionary Iran: A History of the Islamic Republic" by Michael Axworthy.

Michael Axworthy's book A History of the Islamic Republic, which covers the period from 1979 to 2009 when Iranians protested for a democratic government, acts as a guide through recent Iranian history. The time frame can be seen as a crucial point in Iran's contemporary history. The incidents sparked a...

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The Gulf War

The capture of Kuwait by Iraq was the cause of the Gulf War (1990–1991). Iraq had a dispute with Iran prior to the war, which left it indebted to Arab nations, particularly Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Iraq requested OPEC to reduce oil production in 1990 in order to raise global...

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The Overthrow of Mossadegh

Before the United States and the United Kingdom orchestrated a plot to remove Mohammad Mossadegh as prime minister of Iran, he served as leader for two years. The two nations' shared interests centered on the lucrative economic potential of the vast petroleum reserves. Under the direction of the prime minister,...

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Firoozeh Dumas attests to the reality that cultural differences between various locations can truly be someone's life's Achilles' heel. She was attempting to catch up with American living, including school and friends, after moving here with her family of Iranian immigrants. The text focuses on the difficulties she encounters, particularly with...

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The Iran hostage crisis

A political impasse existed between Iran and the United States during the hostage situation in Iran. Over fifty Americans, including American diplomats, were held captive during this Crisis by a group of Muslim Iranian students. When this Crisis occurred in November 1979, Jimmy Carter was the American president. President Carter...

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In the book “Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon”

Kim Zetter's book "Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon" examines the events that led to the birth of the virus that compromised Iran's nuclear efforts. Kim illustrates in this instructive story how the virus menace has led to a new age of...

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Iranian government

The Iranian government's unique position and the requirement for restraint when carrying out military operations in the modern world are frequently put to the test, particularly in the context of the nuclear weapon issue. The subject of whether the nation should acquire nuclear weapons for defense is frequently seen as...

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Argo (2012)

This film begins with a lot of tension at the US Embassy in Tehran, where US officials are compelled to destroy any possible documents as Iranian radicals begin to clamber over the gate (Jenkins& Tricia 87). However, the American forces employ smoke grenades and tear gas in vain to disperse...

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Women Rights in Iranian and Saudi Arabian

Iranian and Saudi Arabian Women's Rights Iranian and Saudi Arabian women both experience social, political, and economic discrimination. In Iraq, women have had the right to vote since 1963, while in Saudi Arabia, women have been able to vote in municipal elections since 2015. (Powell 21).Marriage Laws No matter their age, women...

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