The Iraq Invasion: The Longest, Largest and Most Expensive Use of Armed Force Since Vietnam War

From Napoleon’s attempt to conquer Russia to President Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq, history is beset by military blunders. President George W. Bush’s administration made a case on several grounds for operation against Saddam Hussein. The US invasion to Iraq has since become the longest, largest, as well as...

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The Gulf War

The capture of Kuwait by Iraq was the cause of the Gulf War (1990–1991). Iraq had a dispute with Iran prior to the war, which left it indebted to Arab nations, particularly Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Iraq requested OPEC to reduce oil production in 1990 in order to raise global...

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Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander’s War

In 2008, Peter R. Mansoor penned the novel. Author's birthdate is February 18, 1960. Mansoor earned his bachelor's degree from the US Military Academy, where he placed first in his class. He then attended the Ohio State University, where he earned his master's degree in 1992, and his doctorate there...

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Oil and Economic Growth in Iraq

Iraq is one of the countries in the globe that contribute significant amounts of oil energy to the global economy, accounting for approximately 4% of global oil production. This figure is ascribed to the country's enormous oil deposits and the government of Iraq's heavy investment in the oil business, which...

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Location and Connectivity

Ankara, Turkey: 39° 55' N, 32° 51' E (the capital city of the region's northernmost country) and Sanaa, Yemen: 15° 21' N, 44° 12' E (the capital city of the region's southernmost country) are the absolute locations of the Middle East region (East, & Long, n.d.). The Middle East consists of...

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preparedness and Emergency response

The Islamic State (ISIS) is an unrecognized pro-state Salafi Jihad terrorist group that rose to prominence in 2014 after forcing Iraqi government forces out of major western Iraqi provinces, followed by the seizure of Mosul and the massacre of Sinjar. By 2015, this extremist group had grown in power and...

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Americans and ISIS Recruitment

The Extremist Group ISIS Enlisting Americans The extremist group Islamic States in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is enlisting Americans, according to newly available intelligence. Law enforcement authorities in the United States have increased security after the 9/11 attacks, notably for those of Islamic heritage entering the country (Atwan, 2015). These actions...

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Threat to U.S. - Al Qaeda

Terrorist organizations are capable of carrying out an attack practically anywhere in the world. One terrorist organization that is likely to carry out an attack on the United States is Al Qaeda. The fast expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic...

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China's Middle Eastern Energy and Trade Relations are Growing

China has grown its involvement in the Middle East over the last few decades in an effort to secure energy supplies that are crucial to its economic and industrial expansion. Several Chinese enterprises have increased their presence in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Prior to this engagement, Chinese industrial output was...

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Akkadian Art

The Akkadian empire and its art The Akkadian empire was famous not only for its conquests of Iraqi-Mesopotamian territory but also for its art. The Akkadian arts are comparable to Sumerian art that came before them. Nonetheless, the Akkadian arts were notable not only for their form but also for the...

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Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in VietnamLast Days in Vietnam combines two films into one that took place about 40 years ago and tells the vivid tale of Americans muddled departure from South Vietnam when communist forces closed in on Saigon. The other film is a related tale that has been reflected...

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The Iraq War Costs and Lessons Learned

In this article we will look at the costs and lessons learned from the Iraq war and the U.S. role in the war. We'll also look at the future of the conflict. Lessons from the Iraq war for the United States One of the most significant mistakes made by the United States during...

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