Akkadian Art

The Akkadian empire was famous not only for its conquests of Iraqi-Mesopotamian territory but also for its art. The Akkadian arts are comparable to Sumerian art that came before them. Nonetheless, the Akkadian arts were notable not only for their form but also for the themes and media used. The…

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Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in Vietnam combines two films into one that took place about 40 years ago and tells the vivid tale of Americans’ muddled departure from South Vietnam when communist forces closed in on Saigon. The other film is a related tale that has been reflected by knowledge of possible…

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The Iraq War Costs and Lessons Learned

In this article we will look at the costs and lessons learned from the Iraq war and the U.S. role in the war. We’ll also look at the future of the conflict. In the aftermath of the war, we can look forward to the lessons learned and the future of…

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Archeology in Iraq: Digging Out

Political instability may be a leading explanation for stagnation of archeological activities in Iraq. The war pitting the us of America and Iraq has been a serious explanation for the pause within the archeological activities. Additionally, the war is liable for destroying a number of the archeological sites due to…

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Selling Wars

The Gulf War was a confrontation sparked by Saddam Hussein’s attempt to conquer and occupy Kuwait in 1990. Immediately after the invasion, the U.S. government is planning to end Iraq’s military operation in Kuwait to defend its geopolitical interests. According to the film narrator Toxic Sludge is God for You,…

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Family and Loved Ones affected by deployment

As Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom came to an end in 2008, more than 1.7 million armed men and women had participated in different campaigns. However, their return home was not unheard of since a large number of the families had. Various military and civilian records agree that…

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America, America” by Saadi Youssef

I was born and bred in Iraq and as far as I can recall my family, friends, and almost everyone in the village have constantly been ardent embracers Iraq culture and religious affirmations. Like any other growing country Iraq has faced it is own challenges at monetary and political levels,…

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American Sniper film analysis

Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” a record of the Iraq War as seen from the gun sights of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, whose four voyages through obligation solidified his remaining as the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history, begins as a competent, straightforward combat image and gradually transforms into something more…

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