In terms of politics, economics, and social relations with the rest of the world, Israel has been changing and steadily stabilizing. It is currently dealing with problems such as low economic status, an unstable school system, corruption, civil strife, weak national stability, and sovereignty issues, with the prime minister serving…

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NIV Study Bible (Moses)

Moses was born during an unjust period in which the King attempted to eradicate Israel-born sons by using midwives or decreeing that they be thrown into the Nile. Moses was the son of a Levi man and a Levite woman. He was veiled for three months then brought onto the…

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Essay on Israel

The state of Israel was originally known as Judah and Israel, and it was also known as Palestine. Several religions, including Judaism and Christianity, were founded in this region. Many historical events occurred in ancient Israel, and they were recorded in order to be used for sacred purposes in the…

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B’nai Israel: the oldest jewish congregation

The oldest Jewish congregation in Bridgeport and third oldest in Connecticut is congregation B’nal Israel, a reform Jewish synagogue. It originated in 1849 when the Jewish settlers teamed up and started an orthodox community so that they can adhere the high holy days. Its first rabbi was Jacobs and had…

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The NIV Study Bible

Elijah, also known as Tishbite, resided in Israel during the rule of Kings Ahaziah, Ahab, and Jehoram. The name Elijah says, “My God is my Lord.” He was a desert man, meaning that he had set himself apart from things that rule people’s hearts and put them apart from God….

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