The Office and Eric Birling

In the present episode of The Office, we see the Inspector's investigation into the suicide of Eva Smith, who killed herself by drinking a disinfectant. Two years earlier, Eva Smith had worked for Mr. Birling, but he fired her for leading a strike for higher wages. Eric objects to the firing, and says he would have given Eva Smith what she wanted. Yet Mr. Birling denies responsibility for Eva's death.

Eric Birling is a young man

In "Eric Birling is a Young Man," Joseph Priestley explores a relationship between a young man and a woman. Eric is half shy, half assertive, and clearly uncomfortable in his new relationship with Eva Smith. He also shows signs of being underage, despite being accompanied by two teenage sisters. His relationship with Eva begins before his mother meets her. However, it isn't until the play's final act that Eric begins to question his own responsibilities and resentment toward his parents.

He is naive

Despite his privileged background, Mr. Birling feels guilt for his relationship with the girl. Although he was concerned enough to donate money to her and give her a better life, he couldn't care less about the girl's future and robbing his father's office. This insecurity and lack of control drive Eric to drink to drown his feelings. His thirst for power is also a result of his insecurity with his family and his father.

He is foolish

If you were to read "Eric Birling is Foolish" in 1945, you would see a different story. Birling would be a businessman who treats marriage like a contract. He is unsympathetic, pompous and uncaring. The audience would be horrified by his comments, and they would be sure to agree that it is foolish of Mr Birling not to take strikes seriously. Moreover, audiences would know that the playwright is making a point about the danger of not learning a lesson.

He is an opportunist

As an opportunist, Mr. Birling is not only a failed father, but also a failed businessman. Not only did he fail to provide for his family, but he also contributed to the death of his daughter and her potential grandchild. While Mr. Birling may have been successful in his business, he failed as a father. Priestely shows that Mr. Birling's inadequacies are evident throughout the play.

He is drunk

In the play, the character Eric Birling is drunk. This character is introduced at dinner with the other characters as a drunken man. As the night goes on, he questions his father's theories about the events that will happen to him. Despite his drunkenness, this character proves to be rational and reasonable. The character also has low self esteem. This may be part of the reason why he drinks.

He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the Edwardian Era

In this play, Eric Birling is the son of Arthur and Sheila Birling. As part of an investigation into the death of Eva Smith, Eric learns about the secrets of each of the characters in the play, including the fact that he raped her and stole money from his father to support her. The character was originally played by Alec Guinness, but Hugh Grant later starred in the play. After the play was filmed, Bryan Forbes portrayed Eric in the 1954 film.

He rapes Eva Smith

The novel "Eric Birling rapes Eva Smith" is about a young man who robs his father's business and makes the pregnant woman conceive. Eric Birling also gives the pregnant woman fifty pounds to support herself, but she later tells police she wasn't planning to have the baby. In order to cover his tracks, Eric uses his money from Mr. Birling's office to bribe her into conceiving.

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