reducing congestion at Fort Jackson’s main entrance

Identify the best approach for minimizing congestion at Fort Jackson's main entry, gate 2, between 0700 and 0900. A solution was required to ensure that civilian employees and military arrived on schedule and to decrease traffic congestion on local metropolitan thoroughfares.

Adopt a staggered reporting time model, with one-hour intervals established between 0700 and 0900. By staggering the traffic in one-hour increments, specified individuals will be granted entry to Gate 2 between the hours of 0700 and 0800, and another group will be granted access between the hours of 0800 and 0900. However, Gate 1, Gate 4, and Gate 5 will remain open to accept traffic during staggered hours.

3. Background

Congestion has been a major problem at Gate 2 since September 11th, 2001, when the installation went back to 100% Identification Card Checks. Due to the increased security measures, traffic has extended from Gate 2 onto Interstate 77 travelling North and South. It could also take between 30 to 45 minutes to gain access to the installation between the hours of 0700 and 0900.


Fort Jackson has a population of approximately 10,000 Soldiers, 3,500 Civilians, 12, 000 family members, and service 46,000 retirees. The installation is 53,000 acres with 4 active gates open during peak traffic hours. Although there are other gates, Gate 2 provides immediate access to the cantonment area that encompasses most unit activities and businesses. Gate 2 provides immediate access for most civilian employees, Soldiers, and patrons. This is the primary cause of congestion during peak hours.


The implementation of the staggered time during peak hours will initially cause confusion. Anyone trying to gain unauthorized access to the installation through Gate 2 will be turned around and forced to enter another gate or wait to the specified time of entrance.

Possible Solution

The proposed course of action (COA) will reduce the high population of traffic during peak hours. Implementation will drastically decrease traffic from Interstate 77. Both courses of action will continue to allow installation access through Gate4 and Gate 5.

COA 1. Issue yellow cards to civilian employees and contract employees to allow access into Gate 2 during the hours of 0700 and 0800, military personnel will not be authorized access during these proposed hours. Issue green cards to military personnel to allow access into Gate 2 during the hours of 0800 and 0900. Civilian traffic will not be authorized during this time frame.

COA 2. Reroute all military traffic to Gate 1 during the peak hours of 0700 and 0900. This would preclude access to any civilian traffic during this time frame. Require all civilian employees and contractors use Gate 2 for access onto the installation.


Implementing staggered gate hours would require an update to the current Standard Operating Procedures and Installation Regulations.

Screening Criteria requires a means of identifying individuals allowed to access the installation during the appropriate times. In order to identify authorized personnel, civilians will be issued a yellow identification card to identify them as civilian employees or contractors and military will be issued green card identifying them as the military.

Evaluation Criteria include the purchase of identification card printer and a supply of yellow and green cards to support access to 15000 civilians and military members during peak traffic hours. The initial cost is estimated at $25,000 for the initial purchase.

Weighting of Criteria: As stated the staggered model will involve two criteria. The screening criterion needs to be implemented in order to distinguish the civilians from the patrons and the soldiers. The evaluation criterion on the other hand in order to make the necessary budgetary allocation to procure the various identification cards.


The possible solutions that were screened out included the issuance of identification cards and rerouting of traffic. Both courses of actions have advantages and disadvantages and they will be highlighted bellow.

Advantages of Issuance of Identification Cards

This ensures that it is very easy to discern the various criteria of people who are intending to enter Fort Jackson at Gate 2.

It is also a security measure to ensure that only authorized people are allowed to enter the gates at Fort Jackson.

Disadvantages of Issuance of Identification Cards

The process of procuring and subsequent issuance of cards will cost Fort Jackson a considerable amount of money which needs to be budgeted for.

In the event that one loses his or her card, it would be impossible to convince the personnel at the Gate 2 to let them in.

Advantages of rerouting traffic

The congestion at the Gate 2 will be reduced by a greater margin.

Disadvantages of rerouting traffic

It might lead to wastage of time in the event that someone is not aware of the staggering at Gate 2.

Rerouting traffic might encourage congestion at Gate 2 since the vehicles that have been rerouted will have to try and find their way back and cause traffic snarl-ups.


The staggering model at Gate 2 is a better way of dealing with congestion at Fort Jackson when compared with the customary model where all parties were allowed to use any gate and this lead to massive traffic snarl-ups at the gates. The staggering at the gate encourages accountability and is definitely a security conscious model of dealing with traffic at Fort Jackson.


In order to effectively reduce congestion at the Gate 2, a staggered model is the most appropriate model. In order to effectively implement staggering, the management needs to ensure that it provides the necessary funds to procure the identification cards.


The management should make it known to all stakeholders of their intention to commence the staggering at the gate prior in order to reduce the congestion that is imminent from rerouting of vehicles.

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