Women in Combat and Gender Inequality in the Army

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Society tends to believe that women should do basic duties, such as household tasks. Owing to the strict preparation and high standards, it is clear that a career in the army demands toughness. The inequality between men and women leads to the assumption that there is no ability for women to manage demanding careers. The affiliation of such experts with men leads to such a perception. A rise in the number of women in the military, however, expresses the message that women are equal to men. As they have the ability to perform the same tasks performed by men, women are not inferior. More females in the military service will increase their self- confidence and eliminate the perception of gender inferiority. The society will understand that men are equal to women in the service and encourage women to believe in themselves.

Addressing Violence against Women

Addressing the issue of violence against women requires enactment of strict laws. Many women are suffering from the abusive relationships in silence. Therefore, it becomes hard to assist such women. Thus, it is important to educate the women on their rights. Secondly, any perpetrator of violence should be brought before the law since no one has the right to trigger violence against another person based on gender or otherwise. Therefore, the men responsible for violence against women should be legally responsible for the consequences of their actions. The aim eliminating gender violence is ensuring that the victims do not suffer in silence. Imprisonment, payment of fines would discourage such practices among the perpetrators. Education of women empowers them to stand for the freedom given to them by the constitution.

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