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A system of universal principles that are appropriate as criteria that are competent in a certain field requires ethical policing. The police should respect principles like bravery, allegiance, integrity, and fairness. Whenever they are in a crisis, officers of the law should proclaim their oath to fulfill obligations. Policemen can also use other decision-making models to effectively evaluate an ethical situation before taking any course of action (Kleinig, 2015). The Bell, Book, Candle model would have played an instrumental role for Constable Turpin in the case study of Regina versus Hanneson. Constable Turpin should have used the above mentioned ethical model to analyze the situation and make the right decision. Applying its principles would have enabled the officer to make a choice without neglecting ethical concepts (Miller & Blackler, 2014). The model involves asking questions such as whether the proposed action rings a bell in a person’s mind that he or she is doing the wrong thing. Also, one should determine whether the recommended course of action conflicts with rules, regulations, or the oath (Yu, 2014). When all or any of the answers to the questions are ‘no’, then the one must not perform the specific deeds. Reflecting on the case of Turpin who reports the true happening at stated night is presented.
The use of the mentioned model should have helped Turpin to provide an accurate statement in the duty officer record. The unethical employees would have then been convicted of their crimes before the young man’s complaint. The possible reason why other police officers blacklisted Constable Turpin as untrustworthy individual is a result of the insincere claim regarding the incidence previously provided by them (Thurman, Giacomazzi & Kappeler, 2013). The entries were false, unethical, and did not follow the principles of policing. Ethical decision-making is an essential skill that helps police officers in serving properly.
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