Phoenix Fire Department

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The Phoenix Fire Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of public security services to our community. We protect lives and property through hearth suppression, emergency medical and transportation services, disaster services, fire prevention and public education.
The above mission announcement goes ahead to assert that the members of the organization do their obligation to prevent harm as well as guard themselves. Moving to whether or not there is a statement about furnace prevention in the Phoenix fire department mission, it is evident that the statement exists. The declaration is not viewed to be very important to the mission of the Fire Department. It is cause the fire department has not precisely stated the ways that they will use to prevent fires as said in its mission department. Another evidence to this assertion is the fact that the statement is in the last sentence.For that reason, it does not carry as much weight as compared to the other statements in the first sentence of the mission statement, and hence it may be relevant but not critical.Nonetheless, it is through the mission statement that people can know the objectives, strategies, and goals of an organization. Also, it is important to indicate that a mission statement is a summary of objectives and aims of an organization and hence a single statement in the mission might not be the most critical component of that mission statement. The mission and the vision ought to be aimed towards the achievement of particular goals and hence should be concordant.


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