Essays on Charismatic Leadership

The Importance of Leadership

Understanding the concept of leadership Understanding the concept of leadership is a complex phenomenon as an individual needs to be conversant with its different aspects including characteristics. Primarily, many people perceive it to be about working with other individuals to do things that not only promote their overall development but also...

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Benefits of transformational behaviors for leaders

A charismatic leader A charismatic leader has a strong desire to achieve the goals that he or the society he leads has established. A charismatic leader is also extremely loyal to his subjects and strives for success for the benefit of the people (Pierce & Newstrom, 2011). A charismatic leader's devotion...

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John McWhorter's article "You Can't 'Steal' a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation" was published in the Daily Beast. John discusses the topic of cultural interaction in the post, as well as the common perception that certain groups of people are imitating others. The author of the article explains what...

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