Mike And Marsha Burns' Photography Reels

The photographs of Mike and Marsha’s reel are made up of many reels arranged in systemic manner. The arrangement of the reels is designed in four columns and five rows. Two of the reels arranged have additional organic shapes. The frame the reels are arranged in has its width a little smaller than its length. It is a digital form of photography by its nature. The reels used in the photography are scaled in similar ways to a real reel. The position of the viewer defines the photograph axis, it can either be horizontal or vertical. Though the reels are made of coiled lines, there are straight lines in the photograph on the reels. The large rectangle shaped is like a frame for many reels.
The artist uses a bright and dark colour for the photograph. The reels are shiny grey colour to ensure that the reels in the photograph are a true reflection of the real subject matter. From the context of the photograph, the reels are portrayed to be smooth. This is proven by the photo because the photograph makes the surface of the reel look smooth. They look slightly faded if observed clearly and the shiny grey also portrays a smooth surface. It is necessary to note that two of the reels have an attached organic shape. Organic shapes are without form and hence there is no appropriate name for them (Barnet 301). This shows that there is something different or special about the two reels.
The surface which the reels have been placed is a relatively rough surface. The photograph uses a texture that looks a little smooth and a little rough. This means that the background surface is rough. The photograph shows a continuous flow of ideas by the artist. The reels have been repeated endlessly. This indicates that the artist’s mind was filled with a sequence that he only had to stop and he put his image in the frame to limit him. The reels have been given a shiny effect by the artist. This is because most reels are shiny. This is a means by the artist to relate his diagram with reality. From the photograph, the reels are coiled continuously. This proves that the artist was interested in a photograph that may show infinity. This means that there was a continuous imagination from the artist. The lines that have been drawn on the reels are not placed on a similar direction. They are facing different directions to mean that they have been working. The reels are not facing the same direction because they have changed the direction in which they had initially been placed.
The two reels that have an organic shaped piece that almost looks like a piece of cloth or paper. This is an indication that the wind may have blown external substances to the reel. The negative space in the photograph is proportionate. The reels are close together and none is isolated from the entire set. This shows that the set of reels work together and coordinate. The artist created the art work to show how the reels occasionally used in the power supply tools and electronic equipment do a lot of work and are subjected to a rough environment but still remain smooth because they coordinate and work together. This ideology can be used by human beings to promote and encourage unity. The photography is a good artwork. According to Barnet (225), a good artwork stimulates critical thinking and is also eye catching. It is a reflection of the society when critically analysed. This makes it unique as the artist was very creative. The work is of good quality because it shows the elements of a good artistic work.

Work Cited
Barnet, Sylvan, and William Burto. A Reader's Guide to the Arts of Japan. The Asia Soc., 1986.

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