Essays on Housing Market

A Study of Affordable Housing in Seattle

Seattle is one of the cities that are growing rapidly in the US recording a growth of population by more than 6.9% in the last four years. It has also recorded significant improvements in real estate market resulting being ranked eighth, taking third position regarding development, and fourth based on...

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The Role of Appraisers in the Housing Market

An Introduction to Appraisers An appraiser is a professionally trained individual who possesses knowledge and expertise required to estimate or determine the value of an asset in question. In the housing industry for instance, the appraiser reports to the lender the price at which property is likely to retail in a...

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The Unique Microstructure of the Housing Market

The Housing Market: A Complex Economic System The housing market is a complex and unique economic system, in which a large number of stakeholders interact. It includes buyers and sellers of houses, real estate agents, real estate investors, contractors, renovators, and many other actors.The Role of Emotions in Homebuying Decisions Homebuyers often...

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