Why do individuals and firms specialize and trade with one another? Who benefits?

Benefits of Specialization and Trade

When a single country or even a person has a comparative advantage in terms of production, they have the potential to tremendously gain from trade and specialization (Hummels, & Schaur, 2012). Individuals and businesses, realizing this, contemplate specialized and trading with one another for a variety of reasons.

Efficiency Impact

To begin with, specialization and trade have a bigger efficiency impact since firms prefer to concentrate in domains where they are inherently good and profit from increased returns to scale when it comes to the production of certain items (Irwin, 2015).

Consumer Benefits

The second reason is that trade and specialization have an effect on consumer benefits. In normal cases, specialization implies that the opportunity cost when it comes to production is generally lower (Neary, 2016, pp. 669-698). The implications here is that goods are being produced and being sold at lower prices at a global perspective. As a result, consumers stand a chance of benefiting from these lower prices as well as a greater quantity of goods.

Opportunities for Competitive Sectors

The other reasons involve the opportunities for the competitive sectors. Companies and individuals happen to gain entry to the whole world market through specialization and trade hence allowing them to be able to grow bigger and also enjoy the more benefits that are associated with the economies of scale.

As a result of specializing and trade, consumers, different firms, business people, and even a country at large tend to benefit.

Problems Solved by Money Trade

What problems are solved by using money trade rather than barter trade?

There are a number of problems that normally get solved when money is being used to trade instead of exchanging goods for goods.

Avoiding Wastage of Time

The first problem that is solved involves avoiding wastage of time. Normally, the calculation of exchange through bartering tends to be much slower as compared to the calculation of exchange in the use of money for trading as for the money trade, whatever the price may be, an individual pays for that particular amount (Edwards, 2015).

Uniform Transactions

The other problem that is solved through money trade over barter trade is that there are uniform transactions whereby all buyers get offered the same price and also permitting the sellers to be able to determine the value of their different goods (Keynes, 2016). As a result, the problem of lacking consistency is eliminated as traders do not get vulnerable when it comes to overpaying or even being underpaid.

Generation of Wealth through Specialization and Trade

Explain how wealth is generated through this process

The trade and specialize process is greatly known when it comes to the generation of wealth. In normal cases, this process significantly stimulates the economy. An economy that can be considered better tends to increase the demand for a wider variety of particular goods that are being involved in the trading process (Gwartney, 2016). To ensure that the demands are being met, people are greatly required to labor so that more and more goods for trading can be produced. As a result of this labor, there is the increase of wealthy that gets to be recorded. Usually, from a global perspective of trade and specialize process, it certainly increases all the amount of the wealth in the economy of a particular country.


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