American Diet

According to a recent survey in America 52% of people say it is easier to file their taxes than to figure out how to eat well. Since the state struggles with obesity, it is evident that healthy eating is the real issue in the country. Obesity affects more than one-third of all Americans. In 2010, 41 million women and more than 37 million males under the age of 20 were obese.

There are numerous variables that contribute to the obesity epidemic in America—é The diet is the most important element. There has been changeover of food from a nation that relied on acquiring food from the local farms to one that manufactures and prepackages most of what her people eat. The evolution in food production has pretentious food ingesting, causing food to be always accessible, with little struggle on the individual part to obtain it, the food is pretty much everywhere in the state. More so the foods that are gladly obtainable incline to be high in calories, sugars, and fat, all of which underwrite to added weight and obesity. (Avena, 2013)

The biggest changes

Most of the Americans are saying that they eat more whole grains, slight upsurges in their ingesting of nuts, seeds, and yogurt, while eating less gushy drinks, white potatoes, and sophisticated grains. At the same time, reports say that no improvements for many types of food, as well as those found to be most critical to health. Years ago, the entire number of fruits and vegetables Americans ate didn't shift, and they didn't eat any fewer meat, processed meat, or sodium. (Oaklander, 2016)

Nurses have had much success counseling patients to follow plant-based diets. More often, patients are far more accessible to lifestyle alteration than are health care professionals, which is unlucky. Many patients have told the nurse that although they may not be 100% vegetarian, they are on the range and are moving in the direction of more plant-based eating. (S., 2017)


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