Russia's Cybercrime Trend

I would like to thank all the governing delegates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and all the related partners who are present and committed to the war against crime and drugs.

Russia's Increasing Cybercrime

Russia's cybercrime trend is worrying, as it has risen over the years. 37% of Russian organisations announced that they were victims of cybercrime in 2011, which is 4% higher than the global average (PwC 3).

Impact on Banking and Tourism

Four years back, with nearly 20,000 persons involved in cybercrime, Russian banks alone lost $68 million (Gertz). Due to the cloning of credit cards, the trend is gradually affecting jobs and tourism in the region, contributing to the loss of confidence and loyalty of its consumers by the online sector.

Russian Police and Cybercrime Task Force

However, Russia refused to accept this vice; police and allied cybercrime task force have taken steps to charge related parties and indict them through the necessary processes. Same as other developed nations in the European bloc, Russia put strategies to fight cybercrime from the top all the way to the many hired hackers. Recently we arrested two senior Russian agents in the cybercrime task force and charged them with treason (Kramer), and we hope that an integrated approach towards the fight on cybercrime will continue to be embraced on all levels of the country.

Appreciation for UNODC's Efforts

We also appreciate the necessary steps taken by UNODC to fight against cybercrime including but not limited to the legal basis of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime as well as the support for different kinds of cyber-attacks related to environment issues and identity-related crimes.

The Challenge of Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are extensively hard to tackle due to their ambiguity and increased language-related groups from Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English, French, and Spanish (UNODC). Working together is the fundamental aspect towards combating cybercrime. Russia is willing to collaborate with UNDOC and member parties to ensure that the offense is minimized effectively.

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