Essays on Europe

The Rise of Cesare Borgia and Agathocles

Cesare Borgia s Rise and Fall from Power Those who acquire power from fortunes have fewer problems in rising but the bigger issue is to stay on top. Cesare Borgia is a good example of a prince who got powers from the favors of his father while he was a pope....

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The European Union's Vision of Foreign, Security and Defence Policies

The Global Strategy of the European Union provided a better position for the union to transpose itself so as to continue being a global superpower. Being a universal leader, it had to set up all the possible approaches to enhance unity and cooperation in the outside environment. Despite being financially...

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Difference Between American and European Parties

In the wake of the 21st century, the role of political parties has risen to be the center of attraction in the field of governance. The world has witnessed the massive expansion and increase in the number of parties in every country after the end of the First and the...

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Microhistory and Macro History: Carlo Ginzburg's The Cheese and The Worms

“The Cheese and the Worms” is an exciting and enjoyable book to read for historical researchers looking into the past social and political life of peasants relating to inquisition goals. It explains a popular culture through one man’s eyes, a miller who was taken faces trial during questioning (Ginzburg 42)....

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The relationship between the United States and Russia effort to reduce the total number of nuclear weapons under the three START treaties

The US and Russia are the largest holders of nuclear weapons around the globe 95%.  With the need to reduce the total number of nuclear weapons held by the two countries, over the past 40 years different bilateral agreements have been used by the two states to reduce and limit...

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The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union

On 23rd June 2016, a referendum happened in the United Kingdom, it involved England, Wales and Scotland. Where they were voting on whether the United Kingdom would depart or stay in the European Union. The U.K. is made up of England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland while the E.U. involves...

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European Studies - Comparison, Contrast, and Synthesis

The meaning of Europe is defined by several metrics such as Easter enlargement of the European Union (EU). Several authors have investigated the matter and the general finding is that Europeanisation and Europe enlargement was introduced following immediate political goal and irreversible decisions. In addition, economic explanations back up reasoning...

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The Rise of Populism in the UK

Populism is quickly gaining track with modern politics. At the very basic, populism can be described as the tendency to advocate for political policies that delineate the public against the established political entities. It creates the furor about "us the normal folks" against "them who subjugate and control us (Schuster...

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The Role of Institutions in Russia

Russia's Political History Russia has long garnered the attention of international political observers. For more than seven decades Russia was the core of the globe's communist regime with the international Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans, USSR which often contested the USA for global supremacy. After the fall of USSR in 1991,...

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Comparative Politics: Germany and Russia

Comparative Politics: A Comparison of Government Systems in Germany and Russia Comparative politics focuses on comparing countries with an emphasis on important patterns of similarities and differences. The research paper compares systems of government in Germany and Russia. The three major systems of government i.e. unitary, federal, and confederate systems are...

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Comparison of France and Spain

There many countries that shared many features in the world and they border each other. These features include geographical location, ethnicity, language and even same colony. In my research, I choose to examine about the Spain and France. These two countries have many features in common ranging from geographical location,...

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The Background of the Russian/Ukraine Crisis

The Russian/Ukraine crisis is known to the turning point of the security in Euro-Atlantic. Since it came as a surprise, a few senior Western politicians and officials have debated about the change of the European security landscape and how both crises developed new security realities in the 20th century due...

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