In the News: Religion

Myanmar (Burma) gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. Myanmar’s communists and ethnic minorities both expressed dissatisfaction with the country’s new government (Topich and Leitich 102). They believed they were being discriminated against as a result of their exclusion from the government. For example, in the newly established parliament,…

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about globalization

The primary purpose of this essay was to address globalization in light of Stephen King’s claims that the new globalization regime has led to a downturn in integration and collaboration in favor of long-term cooperation (King, 2017). The essay stressed recent world developments that showed that the foundations of modern-day…

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Legalization of Prostitution

Prostitution is widely considered to be the oldest profession on the planet. Regardless of the flattering title, prostitution has always been a contentious topic. In the United States, prostitution is prohibited. Prostitution is legal in some countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. As a result, different perspectives on…

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Arguments that are deductive, inductive, valid, and invalid

1. The argument in favor of German-made automobiles is deductive and sound. Given the fact that not all automobiles are made in Germany, it is true that some automobiles are made in Germany. 2. The second assertion is deductive. It is assumed that Liz is one of the 85 percent…

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The Art of Baroque Period

Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa Bernini was a prominent sculptor in Rome. He worked on the sculpture of the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa between the years 1647 and 1652. Bernini created the chapel as a theater of his sculpture. The statue is set to a position above and behind the…

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The Rite of Spring Performance

The Rite of Spring is a live performance composed by a Russian man, Igor Stravinsky. The orchestral concert used to be authored and presented in 1913. The intention was to get to the Paris season Ballets Russes Company. Other contributing people for the art were Nicholas Roerich who designed the…

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Role and Lives of Women in Ancient Athens.

Ancient Greece has many enticing features that we can still remember today. It is the culture of elaborate mythology, involving gods, heroes, and various myths and legends, that enriches a large portion of literature and art. Antiquity’s Greeks believed in the presence of multiple gods. They seemed to have a…

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about strategic intelligence

The United States and Russia have had a tense relationship-focused mostly on rivalry. There was a time when the two countries were both rivals and adversaries. However, the present relationship is focused purely on competition (Wiktorek Sarlo, 2016). The two countries are fighting to see which one is equivalent to…

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Climate Change

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cassey. Although you have explained why you prefer the United States and the United Kingdom’s method to end slavery, it makes me wonder if something should have been done sooner. I’m still perplexed as to why it would take longer to free people from…

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George Balanchine history

George Balanchine was born in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. George is widely regarded as the ballet world’s first contemporary choreographer. George was admitted into the Ballet unit of the prestigious Imperial Theater School in Saint Petersburg when he was nine years old (Jordan, Stephanie, p.147). George Balanchine graduated…

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Constructivism, which emerged in Russia in the early twentieth century, was an architectural movement “that arose from Vladimir Tatlin’s experimentation with three-dimensional artwork” (Ruder 16). As a result, artists felt that the object of their art was to serve a social purpose. In other words, through constructivism, art ventured beyond…

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Douglas Wright’s Choreographic Style

Douglas Wright originated from Tuakau and was once born in 1956, Southern Auckland. In the early 1980s, he joined the Limbs Dance Company and later joined the Paul Taylor Company and later DV8 Physical Theatre in London in the late 1980s. Douglas has managed to come up with over 30…

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