Brexit cartoon

The cartoon is about Brexit. Brexit is the imminent withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Europe is a group of nations that were frequently at war. For instance, during the 2nd world war, the continent of Europe greatly hurt by the fights among countries in Europe (Troitiño, Kerikmäe and Chochia). Consequently, most countries felt the importance of integrating Europe countries into the European Union. Thus in 1993, Almost all Western Europe countries merged their economic rules to enhance trade. However, due to several foreigners moving to the UK and diverse feelings that other countries are being opportunistic toward the UK, a plan to leave EU was started (Pettifor).

The cartoon exhibits a picture of Great Britain with its Flag embedded on an island. Besides the flag, there a banner that reads, "Free at Last.” Also on the island are two people with one saying to the other, “Who are we going to blame for our problems now?"  The cartoon’s core message is the mixed reactions that have come with Brexit. Satirically, the cartoon illustrates how a section of the English people is celebrating the Brexit as being free from the problems that have resulted from immigration. However, some of the challenges that the UK faces that have been attributed to the immigration and unfair place of UK in the European Union still exists, thus leaving one to wonder the source of the problems. The cartoon criticizes, presumably, the political class and their rush to blame other nations as the main source of challenges facing the UK.

Brexit is an important matter to the global economic and political landscape. Brexit is the main peacetime government undertaking.  There several effects of the move and include economic configuration, political realignments, and wider social divisions. EU is the world’s largest single market and taking the UK out alters the entire market balance in the region, and globally. Brexit is an expression of the dire desire of UK to solely control its politics and economy. This brings in an aspect of sovereignty; which is the main desire for independent countries (Jones).

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