Essays on Food Security

Relax You Don’t Need to Eat Clean

Carroll attempted to establish the dietary principles that should guide the choice of food in his article “Relax You Don’t Need to Eat Clean” (Carroll n.p). He bases his arguments on other research studies and historical events in order to demonstrate the inconsistencies in the scientific attempt to define healthy…

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The Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is the primary domestic hunger-relief program. The SNAP program’s goal is to provide nutrition assistance to millions of US people who come from low-income families while also providing economic opportunities to those populations. The service partners closely with nutrition educators, state governments, and faith-based…

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Peer Review of Donate to a Food Bank

The introduction of your speech captured my attention undeniably. In particular, I liked your precise overview of how costly and difficult life is in New York City by taking into account all aspects of life, including expensive transportation, rent, and, more importantly, very vivid and unforgettable food. Moreover, both the…

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Sustainability of Our Current Agricultural Production

According to Tilman et al, in five decades time the world’s population will rise above 50% and the demand for grain worldwide will also increase. Thus, the challenges facing the world today in sustaining and increasing the initial level of agricultural production in global food security. It is so great…

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