A milk product that has undergone fermentation, yogurt is consumed all around the world. The nutritional values of the yogurt products are varied and are determined by a number of chemical compositions. The starter culture, which comprises Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Streptococcus salivarius, is added during the lactic acid fermentation process...

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Making Chemistry Interesting for Students

For starters, most students regard chemistry as abstract, and therefore believe it is irrelevant in the real world. As a result, tutors and other instructors have worked harder to discover ways to teach the importance of chemistry lessons in everyday life. For example, in the analysis of food poisoning, for...

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Pick a GMO: Dairy Cows

The controversy about the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has dominated the press. Whether or not GMO foods are safe for human use, their production has increased over the past decade. Many countries have outright outlawed genetically modified organisms (GMOs), although others have limited their use. GMOs, on the...

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Making yogurt with milk at home

Intake of yoghurt can be traced to far back around 6000BCE, historians relates its invention and consumption to the Neolithic population of Asia (Milk for humans 2012). It is an illustration of how food was produced and preserved in the early days which resulted in the betterment of its quality...

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About Ice Cream

Different levels of the fat in milk influence the taste/texture of ice cream since the form of milk used to produce ice cream is different. Ice cream has a better taste / texture than ice cream made of skim milk when it is used with high fat milk (3.25%) since...

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