Essays on Organic Farming

Organic Farming study

This study investigates the viability of organic agriculture as a better and more sustainable agricultural option for increased production. The research will look into the numerous factors that influence individuals to choose organic farming, as well as how people perceive the practice's relevance to their traditional practices. Organic farming is...

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About Organic farming

Choosing not to use numerous chemicals, including fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and growth hormones, is known as organic farming (Garg 121). It is a comprehensive system designed to maximize the health and productivity of various populations, including plants, soil organisms, livestock, and people, within the agro-ecosystem (Garg...

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The financial plan of universal organic food services

Food that has been grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, conventional pesticides, radiation, dye, or human wastes is considered organic. It suggests that using growth hormones and refraining from using antibiotics during animal rearing (Allen, 2006 p. 11). The goal of the Universal Organic Food Services Financial Plan is...

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Modified and Organic Foods and Processes

This journal discusses the various facets of organic food processing and biotechnology. Consumers' views on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and organic foods in terms of their impact on health, the climate, and ethics were polled. Organic food consumption was discovered to be better than GMO-rich food consumption. Organic breeding techniques...

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