Essays on Fruits

Fruits and vegetables as a source of microbial disease transmission

Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential parts of both a balanced and healthy diet, and eating of these foods is encouraged by numerous government organizations worldwide. This is because they can stave off a variety of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular conditions (Westrell et al., 2009). However, fruits and vegetables,...

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Factors that Favor the Growth of Grapes in Napa Valley

Grapes are berry fruits that can be consumed fresh or used to make wine, juice, and vinegar, among other things. Grapes are well-known for their use in the production of fine wine. Napa Valley, based in California, United States, is regarded as one of the world's leading wine regions. Among the...

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The Coconut Palm

The Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is a tree that lies in the palm variation also known as Arecaceae. This crop is viewed as one of the most important in the tropical regions. The tree has a slender trunk that is usually ringed and grows to about 80 feet (25 meters)....

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Sustainability of California Almond fruits

Agriculture has impacted positively in the society, and people living in California have testified its importance, as the cultivation of Almond fruit has contributed towards the nutrition benefits of the locals. There is need to consistently produce the product to aid sustainability. This research work seeks to educate people on...

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