Deforestation research paper

Deforestation is the removal of trees, followed by the conversion of the land to non-forest uses. Examples of deforestation practices include converting forests to farms, ranches, or urban areas. Several natural cycles that are balanced are disrupted where deforestation has place. These events include the disruption of the carbon cycle,...

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Avatar Film

James Cameron directed the film Avatar. On December 10th, 2009, it was announced. It is a science fiction film about humans who colonized Pandora in order to continue exploiting rare minerals such as unobtanium. Their scheme to extract the mineral endangers the Navi species because it necessitates the destruction of...

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Importance of Plants

Plants can be labeled as the organisms within the biological kingdom Plantae. They are a kind of species which are considered to manufacture their food thru photosynthesis, and they have a limited motility. They are a vast range of organisms which include; trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses, forbs, mosses and vines....

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The Coconut Palm

The Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is a tree that lies in the palm variation also known as Arecaceae. This crop is viewed as one of the most important in the tropical regions. The tree has a slender trunk that is usually ringed and grows to about 80 feet (25 meters)....

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Sycamore Trees

During one of the holidays, I paid a go to to my grandfather. My father lived upcountry, and he had a farm having different kinds of trees. One of the trees that had been synonymous was foreign sycamore. The tree became my preferred due to its strategic location at the...

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Tree Canging a Person’s Worldview

During the holidays, I paid a go to to my grandfather. He lived in the country and owned a garden with different sorts of trees. One of the trees that attracted my attention was a overseas sycamore. The tree became my favorite because of its stunning position at the entrance...

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A Cat’s Life

The writer recounts an episode when they almost killed their dad’s cat. It is during summer, and the sun is setting. The author and a brother are enjoying the sunset by hiking on a tree. They notice a cat and both are in for the idea to tease the cat....

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