Sycamore Trees

During one of the holidays, I paid a go to to my grandfather. My father lived upcountry, and he had a farm having different kinds of trees. One of the trees that had been synonymous was foreign sycamore. The tree became my preferred due to its strategic location at the entrance of my grandfather’s farm. The angular branches of the tree, its seed-balls hanging from its twigs and the mottled bark reflected a thousand different sycamores grown in our school garden. However, the difference between those at my grandfather’s farm and these at school entailed the fact that those at faculty were a lot younger. From the visit to my grandfather’s farm, I learnt the significance of bushes to a person. In fact, the trees at the farm seemed at times more of my only friend in the immensity of the upcountry. I developed an interest in the first green leaves of the tree that spring and in the daily advancement of its foliage, its appearance in the various weather conditions that included during rains, mist, windstorm, and sunshine. Numerous times later in years, I have visited my grandfather’s farm just to revisit the tree.

As I visited one of my friends in Northern California one afternoon, I once came across a slope. Across the entire hill, I saw large forms like windblown candle flames miraculously stilled and transformed into rooted trees. The trees were somewhat bent and sculptured by the steady pressure of the prevailing wind. They were the famous cypress. One of the trees close by the road streamed away from the river with a better part of its trunk parallel to the ground. The leading development of this tree even as it added its girth ring by ring was horizontal. The minute leaves on the close-packed twigs of the cypress were infinite in number that the tree seemed carved from a solid substance.

The mystery associated with the tree entailed the knowledge on its absolute age. The slow shaping of its final form reflected the slow work of the centuries. And all the while the waves seemed to gnaw at the headlands, eroding the bluffs and undermining the cypresses nearest to the river. The scientists believe that it is only a matter of time until the last cypress is extinct. Fortunately, for the species, the trees remain ornamental. The trees have on numerous occasions been regarded for their effectiveness in serving as windbreakers. As such, their capability to survive the harsh conditions such as erosion and windy situations they are likely to ensure that their race remains alive. Curiously, it became clear in my mind that the interventions of individuals have made a significant contribution to the apparent imbalance of nature (Barber, Christopher P., et al. 204). For instance, the extent to which the cypress trees remain at the brink of extinction is strongly attributable to man’s activities. Some of these activities include deforestation that affects the existence of some species adversely.

Often in darkness, I would sit on my bed with a tingling scalp. However, the vision of the two trees, calm, enduring, with wind whispering through their boughs brought satisfaction. Remembering the trees is far much superior to the conventional counting of sheep. My experience with these species of trees has contributed to change of my perception concerning nature. As such, I often treat trees with great care due to their significance to the environment.

Work Cited

Barber, Christopher P., et al. “Roads, deforestation, and the mitigating effect of protected areas in the Amazon.” Biological conservation 177 (2014): 203-209.

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