Should Breastfeeding be allowed in Public?

Introduction Since the collapse of man in the Garden of Eden, procreation and breastfeeding the resulting children has been important for the survival of all animals in the Animal Kingdom. It is one of the normal things that all females must be comfortable doing without shame or humiliation. However, in today's...

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Sycamore Trees

During one of the holidays, I paid a go to to my grandfather. My father lived upcountry, and he had a farm having different kinds of trees. One of the trees that had been synonymous was foreign sycamore. The tree became my preferred due to its strategic location at the entrance...

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The short story “Everyday use”

The 1944 short story "Everyday Use" The 1944 short story "Everyday Use" unfolds by showing the neatly made yard that Maggie and her mother have to do. The garden was made for Dee, who is Maggie's niece, for a special visit. Although Maggie is anxious about the visit of a long-gone...

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