Exercise on Individual Reflection

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Organizational behavior describes how a person in a group relates to his or her colleagues (Wagner and Hollenbeck 2015, p.3). The primary objective of group work is to accomplish a particular objective within a short period and to strengthen mutual relationships to provide academic and professional development. One of the biggest projects I had ever been involved in was the Junction Hotel mission. This task involved group interaction in which various participants provided fruitful inputs. This paper reflects the role of “Junction Hotel: initial fact finding” in the Gibbs reflection system. Description of the Event

Gibbs (1988) proposed a framework that could be employed by individuals in the reflection of their performances and contributions in a group setting. The Junction hotel exercise was aimed at evaluating the performance of a luxury city center hotel that has been in operation since the 1950’s. This hotel has been termed as “An oasis of calm in the city” and is reputable for hosting big names with a robust tourist and business following. The Junction hotel is spacious and accommodates various features such as a fully equipped fitness suite with a qualified team to train the visitors, extensive conference facilities, 100 bedrooms, and a restaurant with a capacity of 140 tables. However, some challenges faced this hospitality facility such as lack of investment, poor management, poor online presence, staffing issues, and problems related to objectives. Our group did a recommendable job in highlighting the consequences of the problems described above and stating what should be done right to ensure that this hotel flourishes and becomes one of the most preferred facilities. The work load was divided equally amongst all the members of the group, and I was tasked with identifying the staffing issues, addressing the problems in management, looking deep into the investment options, and assessing the consequences of unstable online presence.

Feeling and Thoughts

I had mixed feelings about the entire assignment. Initially, I thought that the workload that was assigned to me was more than those that allocated to other members. The assignment seemed relatively easy but involved a lot of research regarding the topic. The assignment stressed me as I could spend more time concentrating on the project. However, after consistently meeting the other members of my team, we discussed the different aspects of the project. According to Miner (2015, p.147), the equal distribution of workload makes a complex project to seem lighter and enhances satisfaction with the outcomes of the projects. I am contented with the results of the event and feel like all the contributions of the members of the group were beneficial.


Miner (2015, p.19) proposes that the evaluation of an individual’s contribution to a given event is the most important part of a reflection on organizational behavior. The event went through remarkably great, and we achieved or objectives. My other team members provided equally relevant information that led to the successful completion of the Junction Hotel: Initial Fact Finding Report. The experience taught me a lot about group discussion and how to behave when conducting a professional discussion. Excellent organizational behavior leads to increased great outcomes (Wagner and Hollenbeck 2015, p.177). Therefore, I would strive hard to be the most dominant contributor and to encourage my colleagues to give their grievances regarding the points that they felt were not appropriate. A majority of the group members would contribute and conduct in-depth research on the subject matter of the project. However, there were numerous challenges that we faced such as uncooperative members who would participate, but the contribution was not sufficient.


The completion of the project was one of the success indicators of the assignment. We strived to complete the assignment in time to ensure that we got more time to focus on refining its final look. The other team members also made significant contributions. Miner (2015, p.55) proposes that the best aspect of teamwork is the successful completion and obtaining the anticipated outcomes. Therefore, the successful conclusion of the assigned task was what went well. I ensured that I attended most of the group meetings and gave more input since my portion of the work was relatively comprehensive but easy. The contribution that I gave and my performance was one of the reasons that we completed the assignment within the specified duration. A major factor that discouraged the organization of the group is that some people would fail to turn up for the group discussions. Others would come up with substandard work that other team members would reject and ask for a more detailed research. Personally, I failed to attend some of the group discussion and felt that I was a let down to the other members of my hardworking group. However, I would pass my apologies and ask for permission whenever I felt that I would be absent for any session. The time that we spent in completing the time was too long. The group had not anticipated for such a long duration for coming up with a quality research. I was a cause of this delay as I failed to attend some sessions and would at times provide some work that did not meet the standards of our group members. The others also contributed to this unanticipated delay through their slothful nature of the operation. However, we worked together and met our set group objectives.


Miner (2015, p.81) proposed that the most important aspect of organizational behavior is cooperation. The cooperation that was witnessed as we conducted the research and did our assignment was the reason for our timely completion of the assignment. Trust is also a crucial component of the success of any group (Wagner and Hollenbeck, 2015, p.153). Therefore, we created an environment of trust before breaking down the tasks into components and awarding them to all group members. The positive criticism posed by my team members was a key contributor of the successful completion of the report. The central thing that I would have done differently would be to plan for my work and ensure that I attend all the forums.

Action Plan

If such a case occurs again, I will ensure that I do my best to do quality research and attend all the sessions. In the Junction Hotel assignment, I may have contributed to the sluggish completion of the assignment. However, if such an event or project surfaces, I would devoid myself time for pleasure and other activities and submerge all my thoughts and time into the task.


Miner, J. (2015). Organizational behavior. 1st ed. London: Routledge.

Wagner, J. and Hollenbeck, J. (2015). Organizational behavior. 1st ed. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

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