Substance abuse treatment

Drug addiction and drug-related offenses can be resolved more successfully through substance abuse therapy than through incarceration of offenders.

Data from study organizations and drug enforcement agencies demonstrate that drug abuse treatment is superior to other forms of corrections, like incarceration. The American government invests less in therapy than in incarceration. (James 3). The United governments' many governments are supporting drug abuse treatment by offering funding, initiatives, and incentives.

Treatment often makes it less likely for addicts and offenders to commit crimes again or misuse drugs. The majority of victims who are imprisoned continue to use narcotics while they are incarcerated and commit crimes again once they are released. (Greenfield 8). Treatment has greatly reduced recidivism rates among victims of drug offenses.


Some substance treatment procedures may not work considering that offenders and addicts do not share information claiming possible breach of privacy. Substance abuse treatment systems such as rehab cannot suffice the increasing number of drug offenses, opting for incarceration as an alternative option.

The topic for this outline is substance abuse treatment. The Toulmin model provides a suitable order for supporting the claim that substance abuse treatment is a solution to drug addiction and drug-related offenses. The arguments are based on facts supported by thorough research from relevant sources.


What is the effect of legalizing drugs such as medicinal marijuana in the state of California to the war on drugs? Are such actions contradicting the efforts of curbing substance abuse?

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