The Crime Control Model

The term "crime control model" refers to a theory that describes how criminal justice is implemented in a particular society through the use of prosecutorial discretion and constables.

Two Models of Criminal Justice

Two models are presented, but one is further described in light of our situation. Philosophy once held that opposing complementary factors are always present. (Yin).

1964 saw the emergence of two crucial concepts in criminal justice thanks to Herbert Packer. He described the crime control model as a type of justice that put the protection of community first. This was accomplished by policing criminal behavior related to the truth.

The Main Motive of the Crime Control Model

This model strictly recommends punishment to criminals hence discouraging many in society because of fear of being punished. The main motive of this model is to promote swiftness in society at all levels of power. In other words, the model recommends excessive power to prosecutors handling certain cases involving individuals of a given community.

Public Service as an Approach to Fighting Crime

Public service as an approach to fighting crime is a new method employed to fight crime at a given scale. Through the government, power is shifted from the police to the local communities. These two groups become partners and are subjected to exceeding freedom to use their discretion. This approach attains success by less consideration of the judge centrally mandated focuses. The public is given responsibility on grounds to ascertain any given crime.

Mandate and Role of Police in Crime Control

It's everybody's mandate to oversee crimes happening in a given society. This approach has undermined the confidence of the public in the police. This has left many constables paralyzed and not being in a position to give their professional rule. The mission of every police is to cut down crime. They become more visible if they are striped back on reporting their requirement. They will readily be available to the public, and they will aim to enhance their approaches to the needs raised by the community. Example of these procedures is a response team. CSPs made of the probation officers, Police authorities, fire, and NHS. This team's decision is taken based on how to tackle crimes locally. Their contribution makes the community as an altogether safer place by setting dynamic priorities and proving real actions in society.

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