The Effects of Divorce on Children

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Identifying the impact of divorce on children, some of which can be either positive or negative in nature. Many families around the world have been through a divorce journey that has contributed to their break-up (Fagan, Patrick and Aaron Churchill 2).
Positive consequences of divorce on children; it can give certain children and parents a chance to be happy, mostly if families used to be in the perpetual struggle until a divorce. It may force children to be alienated making them go through some miseries such as loss of self-esteem, suffer mistrust, deal with parental favoritism or even lack adequate financial assistance for their education.

When a child grows up with divorced parents, he/she may find it difficult to trust both the parents equally as one of them may have made attempts to blame the other for the break-up. A child may then develop trust issues and later become rebellious.

Kids always pass through various behavioral and emotional distress for them to adapt to life after separation of their parents which in turn affects their academic performances.


In summary, divorce might be the easiest way out of a problematic marriage for the couples, but it can as well be the door to a catastrophe in the kid’s social and psychosocial wellbeing.

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