The Impact of The Conservative Resurgence on America

`           Franklin Roosevelt and his liberal democratic party were thought of as the saviors of the economy in the United States. Nevertheless, liberals in the late 1960s and early 1970 created economic turmoil, political instability and social excesses that resulted in a resurgence in conservative thinking. Americans became inclined to a more politically conservative way of thinking and rejected the complete dependence on the government.

Policies that were created during this time have continued to influence America in one way or another. For instance, in 1969, President Richard Nixon and his administration proposed a policy that resembled a guaranteed income plan, The Family Assistance Plan. The policy was unique since it would ensure that the working poor had some form of financial support (Stern " Axinn, 2018). The Family Assistance Plan was never passed by Congress. However, it still impacted America since in the mid-1990s it became the model of welfare reform. Unfortunately, even with all the policy changes over the past three decades the rate of poverty in America still remains higher than expected. Currently, roughly one-quarter of working adults in the United States labor at jobs that do not pay them enough to cover basic living expenses (McMahon " Hornig, 2013). It is sad that people who go to work every day still have to raise their families in poverty. What happened to the idea that hard work should be rewarded?

On the brighter side, some policies such as The Civil Rights Act of 1991 have had a positive effect on the nation. This act, for example, gives a devout Muslim woman prohibited from wearing a headscarf while at work the power to challenge such an outrageous policy. The truth is the conservative resurgence and social change occurring between 1968 and 1992 had a significant impact and still continues to influence today’s America.


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