In the plot of the short, story “Godfather Death,”

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A father has twelve children in the plot of the short story “Godfather Death.” Surprisingly, he has a thirteenth child for whom he cannot afford to provide. This father made the decision to search for a Godfather for his child. This also prefers to reject the devil and the good God for the fact that as death comes, it does not discriminate against humans but rather treats all fairly (Grimm, 2012). Death bestows a blessing on this child: the power to cure the ill. Death warns the doctors not to treat him any longer; death transports him to his house, where candles on the wall reflect the lives of humans. The point of view of this story is the third person who is omniscient. In this case, the narrator sees all that the characters are thinking about and all the external events that are happening in the story. I think this story could not have been told in any other point of view apart from the third person. The technique used in the story Godfather Death is the most effective in the narration of this story, it makes this story easy to read and master the storyline.

This story has a symbolic meaning. The most emblematic aspect of this story is the 13th child. The number 13 symbolizes something tragic that happens at the end of the story. Thirteen also represents terrible lack. Another symbolic feature that the author uses is the candles, which represents the people’s life.

Some few questions still arise from the story. Why does Death warn the Doctor? Why does the father can’t afford to manage the 13th child, if he provides the other twelve? In summary, the story tries to tell us that everyone must accept the outcomes of their actions and no one can escape death. Also, we should not be greedy but keep a commitment.


Grimm, W. (2012). The Annotated Brothers Grimm. WW Norton & Company.

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