Kurt Vonnegut Paper

Kurt Vonnegut says that writers and authors of some newspapers and articles hide their identity which is only printed to the audience when reading their article or story. Accordingly, this makes it almost not possible for readers to know the names of their writer. However, the reader can slowly identify ideas of the writers through reading their article as one who cares about them or being self-centered. Even though the writers’ identification may remain concealed, they should continually focus on employing good writing capabilities to win the attention and sympathy of their readers. The theme of this article is employing the most appropriate and appropriate winning style of writing among authors, newspaper and technical writers in the modern society.
Finding an appropriate skill of writing through accurate voicing can positively impact on the image of the writers when people read their articles. A writer who can assemble and gather the best technique of dialect and writing skill even when English is not their first language can get admiration from the readers. The voice used by an author tells a lot about them as either unconscious or informed, humorless or playful, crooked or honest to their audience. The thoughts and ideas of the writer should flow chronologically to allow readers to follow the rhythm of the passage.

Additionally, they should be direct to the point because the reader has no time to find out what the author intends to communicate. Sympathy among writers should be the backbone of writing essay and articles in newspapers to help the audience understand the subject of the paper. To conclude aesthetic should play a considerable role in the mind of the writer when putting his ideas on paper for their audience (Shang Ndi, 95).

“Janus” by Anne Beattie is one of the short stories that share the same theme with the assigned essay. One of the themes derived from the story is aesthetics. Even though the idea may not look clear during the first reading, the story reveals the author’s main subject, ideas and reputation to his readers. Some critics have disparaged her work as being flat with no beauty. Conversely, supporters of this novel have backed her, claiming the gaps left in the story allows the readers to contribute to the development of the art. For instance, in the opening lines of this story we have: “The bowl was perfect. Probably not the one you would select if you were facing a shelf of bowls and perhaps not that will attract much attention at a crafts exhibition.” Consequently, this prose contradicts the perspective that literature reveals the divine truths that the heart of human yearns for yet cannot afford to discover on their own without getting the inspirational assistance from writers.

The authors use a wide variety of rhetorical techniques to help the reader understand the theme of the stories. Vonnegut gives little attention to imagery and symbolism when compared to the short story by Beattie. She employs symbolism and imagery throughout the story, in fact, the story appears to be more about the symbolic bowl than the main character. Both short stories use different rhetorical devices to make the reader understand them more comprehensively. However, the voicing and tone are the same in analyzing the main theme in the stories. The presentation of these rhetorical techniques affects the way most of their readers would understand the main character, the theme of the essay as well as improving their attitude towards the author.

Works Cited

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