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Stereotypes and Racial Slurs

I know someone who has been the object of racial and stereotype misconception based on her race. People identified her as a quiet and reserved girl, and she studied a lot with while spending most of her time playing her musical instrument. I do imply that none of these identifications...

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South Asian Diaspora

The South Asian Immigration Experience in the United States and the United Kingdom The South Asian immigration experience into the United States and the United Kingdom has parallels and differences, as we have discussed in class through lectures, readings, and movies. This study aims to identify some of the parallels and...

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Chinese Coolies in America

Although it is frequently used to refer to Chinese contract laborers who immigrated to foreign countries as contracted or indentured workers, the word "coolie" was originally used to describe cheap, unskilled labor from Asia. Due to the Opium War and the abolition of the Atlantic trade, the Chinese coolie trade...

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An open letter from Michael Luo to the Woman who Told my Family to go Back to China

Dissecting the Letter By dissecting the letter into its component components, it is possible to comprehend the author's standpoint, subject, intended readership, and goal. The author's stance in the letter is revealed by the rhetorical analysis, which is examined in depth. An extensive analysis of the target group and the intended...

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Concept of Internment

During WWII and the Internment of Japanese Americans During WWII, 127,000 Americans of Japanese heritage were imprisoned; their only offense was their race. The Japanese Americans were thought to be faithful to their nation. The terror of Japanese Americans grew as their numbers grew, particularly on the West Coast. There was...

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Kimmel and Messner on practices of discrimination

Discriminatory Practices in the United States There is an explanation for the discriminatory practices that were frequently used in the United States in this week's selection of readings from the lives of Messner and Kimmel. Men of Asian heritage were subjected to hard labor immediately following World War II with little...

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By Eun Y Kim, "The Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox."

Eun Kim A well-known Asian American author of The Yin and Yang of American Culture a Paradox, Eun Kim delves into the Asian concept of Yin and Yang in order to demystify the American vices and virtues in a complementary way and convey to her audience an all-balanced cosmic harmony while...

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AUTO-ETHNOGRAPHY in Asian-Americans

There isn t an Asian American experience that lacks a perspective or even an identity the majority of Asian Americans attending academic high schools certainly have a method of displaying it. In my situation, I ll rely on the perception that Asian pupils are intelligent in the classroom. Some Asian...

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Asian Americans in the United States

As an Asian American, you are not alone. There are millions of other Asian Americans in the United States. The term Asian American is a pan-ethnic category that has its roots in political organizing. Many respondents identify as Asian American because they think they share common political interests with other Asian...

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