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The main aim of the speech is to make it clear to people that participating in the voting process is a hallmark of good citizenship. They should express their loyalty by ensuring that they vote for their chosen representatives in all elections. They should also urge their families, acquaintances and family members to take part in the vote.
People need to realize that it is not only necessary to vote, but that voting gives them a voice. The basic purpose of this speech is therefore to make them realize the role they play in maintaining good government as they participate in the voting process. Nearly all the affairs of life in the United States are decided by voting. All the people who control the country are chosen by the general population. They include the president, governors, judges, and mayors. Even when the citizens do not choose all of them, the people they elect such as the president and governors, elect other leaders in various positions. Therefore, this speech aims at elaborating to individuals in depth about their critical role in taking part in the voting process. After identifying the statistics of the voters in 2012 and 2016, the speech will explain the importance of voting as a means of expressing their opinion and encouraging development in a country.


The Census Bureau of the United States reported that it in 2012 only 63% of all citizens registered as voters (2013). However, only 45% of these registered voters took part in the voting process. After identifying this significant gap between the number of prospected voters and the ones who take part in the voting process, Bonzar wrote an article to encourage individuals to take part in the November elections of 2016 (Bonzar, 2016). The campaign by the media was also adamant and it was everywhere on the airwaves, in the newspapers and even the smartphones. The number of voters in 2016 rose considerably according to information released by the US Elections Project. An estimated 138 million citizens, which is about 57.9% took part in the process (Wallace, 2016). However, 40% of the citizens did not vote although they are eligible voters.

It is, therefore, important for individuals to understand the importance of voting. First, it is the only way they can express their opinions (Falconer, 2016). The essence of setting up democracy in the way of governance in the United States is to ensure that the voice of the citizens is heard. Citizens get rid of corrupt and non-functioning leaders by voting them out. They allow the visionary leaders who are keen about development to lead them when they vote them in. If they fail to take part in the voting process, then it means that they are run by leaders who were not their choice.

Voting also allows citizens to shape their future and also that of other generations to come (Desilver, 2016). They assess the needs of their country at a given time and look for leaders who can help in achieving them. Therefore, they citizens and the leaders can align their priorities. The leaders make decisions that favor their people, and this ensures that there is continuous development for the people.


Clearly, the citizens ought to understand that it is their critical role to vote and this directly affects the quality of life they live. Research conducted by Nasser (2013)found out that if people were educated more about their role in ensuring good governance by voting, in particular through the media, the turnout would be higher. Citizens should avoid complaining and effect change through their voting.


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