The importance of stupidity in scientific research

One of the fascinating aspects of science

One of the fascinating aspects of science is that it allows one to bumble around, making mistakes time after time, and still feel great as long as he or she learns something new each time. This can be difficult for kids who are accustomed to getting the correct response. Rather than making people feel foolish, science encourages them to look for new ways to thrive. The importance of stupidity in scientific research is that it causes one to do well and, eventually, to be ready for a profession. One rarely appears brilliant while studying, as illustrated by the story of Henry Taube, a Nobel Prize recipient who was unable to solve his student's project challenge (Schwartz 1771).

The importance of feeling stupid

Furthermore, no one is smarter than you on your topic of your research. No one has the answer because it has not been discovered yet. It is important to feel stupid otherwise an individual will not challenge oneself enough as shown by the student who dropped out of the graduate school to join Harvard law school (Uversky and Sluchanko 214). Research is the process of knowing one's ignorance concerning the problem and studying it to obtain the answer so as not to be ignorant anymore. I think research is not about knowing everything but having an ability to identify a problem and try to solve it. Figuring out the problem in the right way or not figuring out at all does not matter, what matters is trying all the means possible to find the answer.

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