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Importance of Migration on Service Provision

Migration is a crucial element for every nation. Some benefits usually arise as a result of migration. For example, the creation of social and financial benefits primarily to the migrants for their families and even their countries of origin. Sometimes workers travel overseas to look for employment which will improve...

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The Reasons Behind Illegal Immigration

The United States has spent a lot of the tax payer’s money on border control. Illegal immigration is one of the reasons why border control is crucial. Illegal immigration increases security risks in the country as some of these migrants can be terrorists or enemies of the state. Border control...

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Migration of Chinese to United States

The Chinese started to migrate from their home country to United States of America, and as per immigration research, more than 150,000 Chinese have received American residency visas in the year 2011.  As per study, the Chinese who has worth up to $16 million is migrated from China to U.S....

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Impact of Globalization on U and W Models of Migration

Globalization generally affects the migration flows in two ways. The first impact is related to the positive gains exhibited by the host country. This kind of migration is an invaluable source of human resources and adds to the growth of the production of both, goods and services. The second impact...

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Narratives of Norwegian Immigrants in the United States

Understanding the reasons for migration remains an important aspect for descents of Norwegian migrants who live in the United States. According to the immigration narrative, there are several reasons that prompted the migration of people from Norway into the United States. Such factors include economy, particularly during the depression where...

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Impact of Migration on Employment Relations and Human Resource

Globally, migration has become a trend. Individuals frequently relocate from one country to another or from one geographical region to another for a variety of reasons (, 2006). These causes typically range from political unrest to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hunger. Some people relocate for a change of...

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The US Birthright Citizenship

Migration, whether motivated by economic, religious, or political considerations, has become a global phenomena. Most of these migrants lack citizenship paperwork, resulting in complicated systems of interdependence among societies. Conservatives' persistent attempts to construe the 14th Amendment to exclude children born to unauthorized immigrants have sparked heated discussion. Proponents believe...

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tradition and african culture

Continental drift is the rotation of the earth's continents relative to each other, causing them to drift transversely on the ocean floor (Walton, 2013). In other terms, continental drift is a term used to explain how geologists thought continents drifted over time. Abraham Ortelius explained the theory that continents had...

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Definition of the Community

Taiwan has undergone social and demographic changes as a result of migration. Taiwan is a territory of China's and Japan's southeast coasts. Furthermore, the nation has a long tradition of immigration motivated by construction needs (Ji-ping np). Taiwanese immigrants are people who have absolute or partial Taiwanese ancestry. More of...

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The Empire Writes Back by Bill Ashcrof

One of the defining characteristics of postcolonial literature One of the defining characteristics of postcolonial literature is unique postcolonial national identity crises. It's about the issue of relocation and change of location. Dislocation may erode the concern with the recovery of an established identifying relationship between place and self. According to...

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Butterfly Migration

Migration Migration is the manner through which varied organisms often journey long distances looking for places to feed or reproduce. For instance, the monarch butterfly is one of such butterflies that tour several miles looking for places to reproduce or feed; the monarch butterfly consists of those species from North America...

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Substance and Drug Abuse Among Youth Substance and drug abuse have been a essential contributor to the deterioration of the lives of many young people. The following excerpt aims at looking at two felony and social methods that can help mitigate the abuse of both alcohol and marijuana amongst the youth.Articles...

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