tradition and african culture

Continental drift is the rotation of the earth’s continents relative to each other, causing them to drift transversely on the ocean floor (Walton, 2013). In other terms, continental drift is a term used to explain how geologists thought continents drifted over time. Abraham Ortelius explained the theory that continents had…

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Definition of the Community

Taiwan has undergone social and demographic changes as a result of migration. Taiwan is a territory of China’s and Japan’s southeast coasts. Furthermore, the nation has a long tradition of immigration motivated by construction needs (Ji-ping np). Taiwanese immigrants are people who have absolute or partial Taiwanese ancestry. More of…

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The Empire Writes Back by Bill Ashcrof

One of the defining characteristics of postcolonial literature is unique postcolonial national identity crises. It’s about the issue of relocation and change of location. Dislocation may erode the concern with the recovery of an established identifying relationship between place and self. According to D.E.S. Maxwell’s concept, it also encompasses the…

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Butterfly Migration

Migration is the manner through which varied organisms often journey long distances looking for places to feed or reproduce. For instance, the monarch butterfly is one of such butterflies that tour several miles looking for places to reproduce or feed; the monarch butterfly consists of those species from North America…

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Substance and drug abuse have been a essential contributor to the deterioration of the lives of many young people. The following excerpt aims at looking at two felony and social methods that can help mitigate the abuse of both alcohol and marijuana amongst the youth. The articles focused upon include;…

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What’s Bringing African-Americans Back to the South After Leaving in Droves

Following a thorough examination of the idea outlined in the case video, it becomes clear that it was based on a description of a historical event. It focused on the exodus of black people from the south and the subsequent return of the black community to the south after several…

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the history of the United States

The article started by providing a background of the origins of the United States, with a primary emphasis on the fact that the majority of its population was said to have come to the nation from various parts of the world. It is correct to say that the United States…

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis on a global scale has been on the rise year after 12 months due to various reasons and mainly due to civil wars. An instance of the aforementioned that has contributed significantly to increased migration is the civil war in Syria that has been underway for greater…

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Migration crisis in europe solution

Because of its economic benefits and prosperity, the European continent has a high degree of immigration. When the migration is done correctly, no problems are expected to occur. An influx of vast numbers of illegal people, on the other hand, is an uncertain circumstance that can jeopardize a country’s peace…

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Colonial Ways of Life

The majority of Europeans, who were extremely poor, were able to sacrifice their entire life to escape to the American colonies, while others wanted religious freedom or political stability. The majority of those who arrived in Colonial America were young, with nearly half of them being under the age of…

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