Syrian Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis on a global scale has been on the rise year after 12 months due to various reasons and mainly due to civil wars. An instance of the aforementioned that has contributed significantly to increased migration is the civil war in Syria that has been underway for greater than five months. This catastrophic event has left millions of human beings homeless and deprived of basic needs. Considering the increasing figures on a every year basis, it is imperative to devise effective strategies that will go a lengthy way in resolving this crisis. These strategies will either revolve around the domestic countries of these refugees or the countries in which they seek to settle in. As an instantaneous solution, first world countries should really work on increasing the donations made to humanitarian aid organizations, which are financially stretched. The same nations, especially those within the EU, should work towards securing their borders and working together to take up refugees seeking asylum. This will ensure that those genuinely seeking asylum can be granted the same. It will also ease pressure on countries like Turkey that have taken up so many refugees from Syria and yet other neighboring countries are not engaging in the same. To consider refugees from Africa, it is imperative to ensure that they are empowered such that they can acquire employment, which will go a long way in improving their livelihood and the general economy of these countries. In the long run, first world nations should work on resolving the wars going on in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan as they have contributed highly to the refugee crisis.

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