Essays on Immigration

The Impact of Brexit on Young Polish Couples

The aims to understand the experiences of the young Polish couples before and after the Brexit referendum. Another aim is to study the aspects of racism and xenophobia in the context of the Polish living in the UK under EU citizenship. Methods The approach used in collecting data to support the thesis of...

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The Legal Basis for FRONTEX

In 2005, the Hague Program that was founded in the Tampere Program laid the objectives and mapped out the development of the second generation of procedures aimed at strengthening the management of European borders. Among the achievements of this documentation and the study carried out in 2002 was the creation...

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The Dutch Model of Integration

Historically, Netherlands has been recognized for developing systems that enable integration of people from different social groups. However, crisis on integration in contemporary times has become an integral issue in the public discourse. Particularly, the discourse of politics and formulation of immigration policies is an emergent issue in multi-level states...

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Heritage Language Acquisition in Portuguese Immigrants in Ipswich

For a long period of time, The U.K has had a migration tradition with people from other neighbouring European countries residing in the country following their immigration. The important part of this migration movement into the UK is comprised of both Europeans as well as Non-Europeans thus suggesting the absence...

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Impact of Smart Border on Port Security

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the mind creations including inventions, art and literary works, designs, and commercial symbols, images, and names. There are two main categories of IP: industrial property and copyright. Industrial property refers to the patents for trademarks, inventions, geographical indications, and industrial designs (Bradner Contreras,...

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Immigration in Texas

For some years, the issue of immigration has been a problem to the residents of Texas. Although various strategies have been implemented to address the problem, it appears that little has been achieved, and therefore the House of Representatives need to introduce a debate and also come up with policies...

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The Impact of Immigration on Public Services in the UK

In the past two decades, the number of people who have migrated into the UK has been tremendous with political instability in neighbouring nations and continents playing a pivotal role. The topic is especially significant because it has been found that it affects the economy in varied ways with the...

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The Impact of Immigration on America

The recent immigration sanctions and laws brought about by the new Trump s government have led to lots of discussions on what is right and wrong about the issue. To some people, America is deferring dreams and cutting on peoples wishes. The paper will discuss insights surrounding the immigration move. Is...

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The Working of the US Government and The Policy Process

The American Constitution The American Constitution is a written text that was ratified in 1787-88 with subsequent amendments being passed since based on the procedures outlined in Article V. The primary goal of the Constitution, perceived as the law of the land, is to ensure that there is a limit to...

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The History of the Sikh Immigration into Canada

The twentieth-century Canadian history points out that several races of foreign-born people focused on settling in Canada’s new lands (Arora " Bava, 2018). The Sikhs had the intention to create business empires because of the significant opportunities they would derive from their operations. The race factor has for some time...

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The Immigration Ban Enacted by Donald Trump

The current American president, Donald Trump instituted an immigration ban which would help prevent seven nations, which included: Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan from accessing America (Adam, 2017). Donald Trump argued that these countries were subject to the Arab world and thus acted as a conduit where...

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Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Policy

This article presents and examines the looming immigration policy to be enacted by President Donald Trump. The President uses the word “sanctuary” with disgust to refer to cities such as New York City for welcoming; shielding and supporting immigrants of whom he believes should be deported to their countries. Furthermore,...

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