Essays on Immigration

“Social capital and voting participation of immigrants and minorities in Canada”

Bevelander and Pendakur examine the variables that influence minority groups and their voting practices in Canada in their article “Social capital and voting engagement of immigrants and minorities in Canada.” Minority voting rights are nearly identical to those of the majority, and the constitution recognizes that everyone has the freedom…

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World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs

Dr. Beck introduces the video “World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs.” My first impression of the video was that it was intended to demonstrate how immigration raises the level of poverty in the United States (the host). However, after paying careful attention to the presentation, I found that Dr. Beck has…

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“Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States”

“How the Oppressed Struggle’ Embodying the Abuse Continuum,” the fourth chapter of Seth Holmes’ novel “Fresh Produce, Fractured Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States.” The chapter outlines the ethnic-based misery that the poor face in the United States when they are discriminated against in a variety of industries, with…

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Signs Preceding the End of the World

Makina’s quest and attempt to cross the US border as a fugitive is captured in the book “Signs Preceding the End of the World.” It is a representation of one of today’s most controversial topics in America. The topic of immigration is heavily discussed in the plot. The storyline, characters,…

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Tarfia Faizullah and Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony by Ladan Osman comparison

Tarfia Faizullah’s Seam is an enthralling series of poems that blends charm with aggression, personal memories with historical events. The poems recount the harrowing memories of two thousand female rape and torture victims during the Pakistani army’s Liberation War in 1971. Tarfia Faizullah, the daughter of a Bangladeshi refugee, discusses…

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Immigration Impact on America’s social, economic, and political realms

Immigration is characterized as the movement of people from their home countries to countries where they are neither natives nor residents. They move in order to become permanent residents or naturalized citizens while still working as immigrant workers. Jens and Hopkins (532) identify an immigrant as a foreign national who…

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The Empire Writes Back by Bill Ashcrof

One of the defining characteristics of postcolonial literature is unique postcolonial national identity crises. It’s about the issue of relocation and change of location. Dislocation may erode the concern with the recovery of an established identifying relationship between place and self. According to D.E.S. Maxwell’s concept, it also encompasses the…

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Butterfly Migration

Migration is the manner through which varied organisms often journey long distances looking for places to feed or reproduce. For instance, the monarch butterfly is one of such butterflies that tour several miles looking for places to reproduce or feed; the monarch butterfly consists of those species from North America…

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Substance and drug abuse have been a essential contributor to the deterioration of the lives of many young people. The following excerpt aims at looking at two felony and social methods that can help mitigate the abuse of both alcohol and marijuana amongst the youth. The articles focused upon include;…

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Immigrant Women in Transnational Marriages in Taiwan: Health Empowerment

The author of the study, Health Empowerment among Immigrant Women in Transnational Marriages in Taiwan, uses a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach to identify problems that impact immigrant women in Taiwan. According to Yang, Y. M., et al., PAR is a modern method of research that uses a bottom-up approach…

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What’s Bringing African-Americans Back to the South After Leaving in Droves

Following a thorough examination of the idea outlined in the case video, it becomes clear that it was based on a description of a historical event. It focused on the exodus of black people from the south and the subsequent return of the black community to the south after several…

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Immigration Reform

Thesis: the paper seeks to locate an answer for the following question: is any immigration reform possible in this political climate? INTRODUCTION TOPIC #1: SUPPORTING THE INTEGRATION OF IMMIGRANTS TOPIC #2: THE INCORPORATION OF IMMIGRATION STUDIES IN THE HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM TOPIC #3: THE DEPORTATION OF IMMIGRANTS OVER SMALL OFFENSES…

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