Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Policy

This article presents and examines the looming immigration policy to be enacted by President Donald Trump. The President uses the word “sanctuary” with disgust to refer to cities such as New York City for welcoming; shielding and supporting immigrants of whom he believes should be deported to their countries. Furthermore, he believes that the immigrants’ criminals run amok in those cities and get protected from the arm of the federal law. The New York City has established a program that provides free legal representation for the children arriving at the border unaccompanied after fleeing violence in Central America. The program has since accepted 1265 cases with 72 of them being granted asylum and 55 obtaining lawful permanent residency. Moreover, the council passed specific bills aimed to keep immigrants agents away from Rikers Island jails as well as prevent the police from arresting immigrants to be deported unless by obtaining warrants from a judge (New York Times).

Bill de Blasio, New York Mayor, made a promise of defending immigrants from every possible threat, especially unauthorized roundups. Also, the city will no longer save personal information for residents seeking ID card to protect abuse of data for deportation. Additionally, Gov. Andrew promised an expansion of legal assistance for immigrants in New York State. Irrespective of the form taken by the immigration purge, sanctuary cities will need to be resolute in resistance. The New York City as well as other sanctuary cities do have an advantage of having the public and population on their side. A recently concluded poll by Global Strategy reveals 58 percent to 28 percent of Americans, abolishing DACA program that protects young immigrants and another by Quinnipiac showed a 72 percent support allows the stay of unauthorized immigrants (New York Times).

Works Cited

New York Times. Proud to Be a Sanctuary City. 18 December 2016. 24 January 2018 .

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