The Socially and Ethically Responsible Behavior of Mattel

Many people have come up to gauge themselves regarding the best choice of methods which the community can use so that they keep children safe. The most probably best answer is that the society must be well-informed and mindful about the stuff that children are bought for. The society has...

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The Impact of the Mortgage Rates and Taxes on the Housing Market

In the business environments, macroeconomics involves external factors which affect the business along with resource allocation. On the other hand, microeconomics concerns aspects associated with the availability of resources, their usage and how they influence individuals and the organization at large. Hence, understanding the microeconomic factors within the business is...

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House Price Inflation in UK

Working with Data on House Prices Review Questions 1. Reliable house pricing data is more important for public and private organizations in UK than in other countries for housing constitutes a significant proportion of the entire household belongings. In countries like UK, housing is regarded as the yardstick...

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The Social-Spatial Entity of a Home

Home is both a place and an idea. Research shows different ideologies of home like- social-spatial entity, psychosocial entity and an emotive space. It, therefore, takes the reader’s motive to define a home. The paper herein aims at expounding the social-spatial entity of a home which resonates as a special...

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John J and Vincent N argued that city high population calls for a unique understanding so that it can be well known not only for the non-inhabitant but also other people who would like to tour the city (Macionis, and Parrillo P 89). This in-depth understanding gives them necessary information...

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The Political Economy Approach to the Understanding of Urban Growth and Development

New global politics largely influence global cities.  They have much political power which attracts foreign investors (Sassen 268).  They are home to global headquarters of major foreign organizations. Global cities play an important role in the development of global civil society as they can influence and attract international investors (Sassen...

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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture was started in the twenty first century and it is doing very well in the urban centers of United States. The reason why the environmentalist started it is to maintain the food security and for other environmental benefits. Despite the positive impact on the environment urban gardening have...

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Tiny House Project

This charter will officially approve the construction of a tiny house for the family of Iggy and Dr. Jane Loyola. The project plan will include the scope and objectives, the project framework, milestones, and the project budget. The project sponsor will approve and assign all the resources necessary for the...

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Airbnb: The Concept of Home

The commercial accommodation providers are focusing on integrating the concept of home into the marketing to enhance the customer experience, value, and satisfaction. Airbnb could also implement the concept of home to achieve the massive benefits, competitive, advantages, and revenue growth. The company is an online marketplace where property owners/hosts...

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Evaluation of Sustainable Development in Cleveland City

Sustainability in cities and communities encompasses aiding organizations and stakeholders to achieve development goals in regard to sustainable housing, transport systems, urbanization, climate change, and access to public resources (Ross, 2017). Considering that the majority of individuals reside in cities, making cities sustainable is critical to ensuring global growth in...

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Urban Renewal Project in New York and Philadelphia

Urban renewal was project carried out by the federal government to clear the fast-growing slums in the cities after the Second World War. The decades of growth of slums exhibited growth in crime, poverty in equal measures. New York and Philadelphia were among the American cities that were affected by...

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Eminent Domain and The Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River has always graced California City for ages now. For what can look like an analysis of the past, the river has not altered the good ambience that it contributes to in California. This was the case up until the year 2013, when the army corps of...

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