Housing Industry in Poland

UK housing industry has improved tremendously over the last decade. The industry has expanded and increased its capacity, making home ownership affordable for a large segment of the population. Even though provision of housing facilities has risen in the past, high house prices continue to plunge individuals into huge debts...

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The Satisfaction of Londoners with Amsterdam

The research employed both quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. The quantitative approach gave the statistics regarding the topic in question. The qualitative research focused on some of the reasons and opinions of the people regarding the tourism issue (Binkhorst and Den Dekker 2009, p. 311). The...

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Smart Cities Approach in Barcelona

The chapter shall analyze different smart city approaches that are used for the modernization of four urban areas which are London, Barcelona, and Bangalore. London and Barcelona have developed economies, while India and Bangalore are developing economies, hence the results of the analysis are expected to be different in terms...

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Social Housing

Social housing refers to let at low rent on a reliable arrangement for those struggling with accommodation based on the housing costs. Social housing is not a private initiative when tenants make agreements with the landlord but a project where the local council allocation scheme distributes the housing among the...

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A Study of Affordable Housing in Seattle

Seattle is one of the cities that are growing rapidly in the US recording a growth of population by more than 6.9% in the last four years. It has also recorded significant improvements in real estate market resulting being ranked eighth, taking third position regarding development, and fourth based on...

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Comparison of Smart Cities in London and Barcelona: A Case Study

London practices bottom-up with a networked-driven collaboration between organizations. Also, London Changed the mayor which altered the ‘smart’ strategy in London by prioritizing social inequality projects. . Current Smart Metropolitan Transitions London underwent transition from multi-stakeholder approach to Citizen Sensing Current Smart City-Regional Transitions The city...

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Social Housing and Poverty in the United Kingdom

Housing is an essential basic need. Assessing housing needs considers three issues which are its affordability, overcrowding, and amenities available. Social housing is a project in the United Kingdom that lets houses at an affordable price to the people who are in need. It is a diverse part of the...

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Smart Cities

For any city to be denoted as a smart city, there is the need for such a town to be used in infrastructure, technology, marketing among others. In other words, a smart town requires proper planning. Looking at the whole world, there is consistency in rural to urban migration. People...

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Homelessness and Mental Illness in California

Proposition 2 was a ballot proposition that took place in California during the state’s general elections that were held on 6th November 2018. Proposition 2 focused on the use of millionaire's tax revenue for the conduct of homelessness prevention housing bonds measure. There were yes votes which supported the authorization...

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Socrates' Analogy of the Soul and the City

In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul, the author compares the city to the soul. He divides the city into three parts including wisdom, courage, and moderation, while the three elements of the soul...

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Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Policy

This article presents and examines the looming immigration policy to be enacted by President Donald Trump. The President uses the word “sanctuary” with disgust to refer to cities such as New York City for welcoming; shielding and supporting immigrants of whom he believes should be deported to their countries. Furthermore,...

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Housing Redlining

Discrimination is a term that has been used to describe various forms of ill-treatment of humans and their reaction against what the society calls morals. This is no difference in the color of law; the forgotten history of The government. Redlining is the ability of the society to deny certain...

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