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Because of its economic benefits and prosperity, the European continent has a high degree of immigration. When the migration is done correctly, no problems are expected to occur. An influx of vast numbers of illegal people, on the other hand, is an uncertain circumstance that can jeopardize a country’s peace as well as its economic and, therefore, political stability. The European migration crisis started in 2015 when a vast number of undocumented people from countries other than the EU requested asylum in EU member states (BBC). Asylum will not be the only response to Europe’s migrant problem, and neither can expand border patrols and tighter rules mitigate the huge deaths in the Mediterranean. Instead, a quest to help resolve conflicts in their homes helps to bring stability in war-stricken countries, an international duty, and resolves the refugee crisis, thus creating a win-win situation.

Many of these people travelled though overland routes in the South East Europe and through the Mediterranean Sea. The majority of these people originate from war-torn Syria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan (BBC). These migrants can be categorized into three groups: refugees, economic migrants, and refugees fleeing violence (Dearden). From a legal point of view, the terms are not interchangeable. Refugees may be granted asylum and at times, citizenship in their countries of refuge. Economic immigrants are not people in crisis by any definition. There is no clear definition of who an economic immigrant is, especially for those who hail from a war zone. This ambiguity leaves room for free interpretation by any party in a position of strength to its advantage, meaning that European nations gain the rights to reject their entry. However, all these people who drown in the Mediterranean flee their homes in search of a better life and it may not be fair to simply deport them or reject them outright thus re-exposing them to danger and death (Fleming). It is a matter of balancing between human rights and the safety of European nations.

Regional stability creates room for equitable prosperity. Massive emigration from countries robs them of their manpower as well as the brains that may be needed to spark industrial and economic growth (Ponmelil). It hurts the futures of these countries because the population will continue to reduce cyclically, owing to unresolved tensions and refugees seeking to flee to other parts of the world. At the moment, the rate of immigrants into Europe may have dwindled due to constant patrols, which have led to an increase in the Mediterranean deaths. Failure to bring peace increases refugees and the lack of economic potential creates economic migrants. The solution to these problem reduces the rate of deaths, as well as the quest to live in Europe by the refugees will reduce, thus ending the annual cycle of deaths and undocumented immigration, which is at the very core of the European migration crisis.

The European migration crisis is a serious problem as it may open up the continent to terror attacks and unsustainable economic budgets in the provision for the undocumented immigrants at the expense of the legal citizens and immigrants. A solution lies in the foundational principle of the United Nations; to help restore and maintain regional and global peace.

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