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We all have preferred colors, foods, and birthdays, but less is known about how our minds function. According to the four-letter Myers-Briggs personality test, I have a 9% detecting, 31% feeling, 6% sensing, and 1% extrovert personality type. This means that by 1%, extraversion outweighs introversion in my taste scale. I also judge less than I perceive by 9%, favor feeling to thinking 31% of the time, and prefer sensing slightly to intuition. It is clear that, in spite of what we might think, it is challenging for our minds to focus on more than one object at once. The principal purpose of this mini-essay is to assess the personal and professional weaknesses and strengths.

The identification of both weaknesses and strengths are essential for psychological growth. The key personal and academic strengths that I possess are inclusive of critical-thinking, persistence curiosity, perseverance, listening and creativity skills. The skills have been helpful in my school work in enabling me to succeed in my academic pursuits through learning efficiently. Some such as the creativity has been instrumental in conceptualization, decision making, and has be helpful in fleeing some compromising situations. Curiosity has been helpful in discovering and exploring things, helping one to take an interest in the ongoing experience such as technology development. Finally, persistence and perseverance have been useful in the completion of what I start, for example, my studies and every task undertaken. Hence, the personal and academic strengths have been very instrumental in my success.

Some fundamental weaknesses are failing to take criticism well, being impatient, fearful, and procrastinating. Failing to take the criticism well has caused me to fail to improve on my weak points, such as the rectification of some small mistakes which in the long run has costed me. Fear has at times blocked me from taking some essential opportunities and impatience has hindered me from generating satisfactory results. Hence, the test has been vital in enabling me to identify the weaknesses which hinder me from being the best. The mini-essay has been significant in psychological growth and personal development due to the identification of essential weaknesses and strengths.

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